Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crocheting, a Facial & Ice Cream

The title pretty much sums up my day yesterday!

It was such a great day!  I am loving the cool weather we are having.  I’m ready to pull out the boots, scarves, sweaters and fleece sheets!  Bring on the cold! (remind me of these feelings in January when I am OVER. IT.)

2011October 009

Katy is doing really great.  Her energy level is coming back and she is so good about eating her prescribed food and getting her shot.  She is back to running to the door, barking when the door bell rings and playing with toys.  I am so proud of her.  We go back to the vet tomorrow to check her levels again.  I feel like we are getting closer because she is appearing to feel so much better.

Yesterday’s Workout

I started the day off with Title Boxing.  I had planned to go back to the gym, after getting everyone ready for the day, for my friend’s step class, but I was out of clean workout clothes. Fail.

I was soooo sore yesterday.  My back was crazy sore. I’m still sore today!  That Power Yoga class woke up some muscles that haven’t been used in a while!

Yesterday’s Meals

Meal #1: Oats with protein powder and a banana

2011October 003

Meal #2: Egg whites, turkey sausage, gluten free toast with butter

2011October 019

Meal #3: Gluten free cereal with dark chocolate almond milk

2011October 020

Meal #4: Gluten free toast with almond butter

2011October 022

Meal #5: Chicken breast with roasted brussels sprouts and BBQ sauce

2011October 023

I also took care of one of these over the course of the day:

2011October 026

and a Snickers bar!  Did I mention it’s that time of the month?

In other news, I got a facial yesterday. It was wonderful!  I totally fell asleep during the massage part.  I need to book a full massage!

I also got some more crochet projects completed.  A girl Vann (my sister) works with ordered the hat below for her baby’s Halloween costume.  She’s going to be a mouse.  I am working on the tail now.  She wants to stick it out of the diaper or to the diaper, I’m not sure. Anyway, didn’t that turn out cute?!

2011October 033

I also got an order for some MU and K-State hats from a couple of girls that own Junky Munky.  They started purchasing hats from me last year and adding their own embellishments to them. I need to get a picture of what they look like after the girls work their magic. They turn out great!

Here are some of the MU hats I’m getting ready for them. I’ve used black glitter yarn and gold.

2011October 0342011October 0362011October 0392011October 041

The chilly weather makes snuggling up on the couch and crocheting so fun!  Time to finish up that mouse costume and get started on the K-State hats!

Does anyone else enjoy crocheting or knitting?


  1. CUTE hats. I wish I could crochet. I tried once. It was an epic fail. So glad your doggie is getting better, and taking her meds well!

  2. tonight im going boxing! reading about your title boxing has got me motivated to try a class again.

  3. I was just thinking that I wish I could knit hats! Yours are so cute! I wish my food looked as tasty as yours and I am so glad Katy seems to be doing better!

  4. Your crocheting projects are so cute!

    And roasted Brussels?? LOVE. IT.

  5. LOVE the hats. I tried crocheting once. I sucked. I'd love to learn how.

  6. Learned something new about you today! you crochet!

    Ive been eating spoonfuls of choco chips...

    uhoh lol