Sunday, October 16, 2011

Coming up for Air

whoa.  It has been busy, busy.

I am so tired. I will not be getting out of my pajamas today and maybe not tomorrow.


Friday was Vann’s wedding day!  It was so fun.  Everything turned out beautiful, especially Vann.

vannwedding 002

The day started bright and early for me, 4:30am to be exact.  I wanted to make sure I could feed Katy and giver her a shot by 5am.

vannwedding 071vannwedding 079

Since she needs it every 12 hours, she could get her next one before Justin left the house for the wedding. 

vannwedding 074

He agreed to learn how to give the shot!  Luckily, I never threw away my practice supplies from nursing school.  I was able to give him a hands on lesson of drawing up fake insulin and then he injected a pillow.

vannwedding 104

I headed down to the hotel where my sister was staying at 11am and we got our hair done and then our sister, Autumn, got there and did Vann’s makeup and redid our hair!

vannwedding 072

Then the photographers got there and starting shooting my Stepmom putting Vann into her dress.

vannwedding 088

Once everyone was ready, we headed out into the street of Kansas City to get some pictures taken with just Vann and the Bridesmaids.  Can’t wait to see those pictures!

vannwedding 019

The wedding ceremony went smoothly and perfect and the reception was super fun!  Everything turned out exactly how Vann planned it!

vannwedding 003

My favorite part of the reception décor was the dessert bar.  My Stepmom made ALL of this:

vannwedding 020

vannwedding 021

It was so impressive.  Everyone just oooooo’d and aaaaaaah’d!  Well done, Mom!!

When the night was over and Vann and Matt left, we all got busy cleaning up.

vannwedding 067

I fell into bed around 12:30am


Saturday started at the bright and early hour of 4:30am again for me!!

Had to make sure I could feed Katy and giver her shot before I headed down to the MARATHON!

JamesMarathon 004

All the runners LOVED my sign.  I wish I could remember where I first saw that sign so I could give them credit.  If you ever go to cheer on a marathon, I highly recommend making that sign.  The runners were cheering and clapping as they ran by.  I saw a lot of faces light up!  Loved it!

JamesMarathon 012

My brother did AWESOME! He ran his FIRST marathon in 3:33!!  So proud of him!

Then it was time to hustle home so I could get a quick nap in before the family was heading over to eat up all the catered food from the wedding.

2011October 002

It was a great afternoon and evening.

2011October 005

2011October 028

Everyone was tired but had fun talking all about the wedding and the reception and reliving it all over again!

I have had the best weekend! 

I am ready to get back to my workouts and regular food and catching up on all of YOUR blogs and SLEEP!!!


  1. You took great pics!!! Have a nice relaxing Sunday and Monday! :)

  2. Awww great pics! Congrats to the newly weds and MARATHONER!! So did he have to go #2 during the race? Probably not cause 3:33 is a FAST time!