Sunday, September 4, 2011

Two Day Recap

Good Morning!

Sorry I was MIA yesterday.  I had a long day with my heating pad. Sad smile


Started with walking the dogs and going to Title Boxing.  I was starting to not feel so good and had some light cramps all day.  I was able to keep them under control with some Aleve and get a lot of stuff done anticipating that I would be laid out on Saturday. 

Meal #1: Greek yogurt, granola, banana

2011September 004

Meal #2: Egg whites and gluten free toast

2011September 008

Meal #3: Chicken and veggie soup 2011September 012

Meal #4: Protein powder, peanut butter and granola

2011September 018

Friday night was date night.  We went out with Justin’s Dad and Stepmom.  We met them at Wines by Jennifer  and then headed down to Piropos for dinner.  I didn’t take one picture of the four of us together. Sad smile  We had a really great time, though.  We always have fun with them!

Date night outfit.  I bought some new nude shoes.  I was wanting the heel to be higher, but the color, fit and price of these were too perfect to pass up.

2011September 019

Here is a better shot of the shoes:

2011September 020

For dinner, we shared a cheese, ham and tomato appetizer and then I had a salad and the chicken and chorizo skewers with black beans and rice.  For dessert, we shared chocolate cake and churros.


I started digging into my dinner before I remembered I wanted a picture!

It was a great night full of good wine, good food and good company.  I was in bed by 9:30pm and back up at midnight with my uterus on fire!

I was up most of the night. I won’t go into the details. Sad smile


I’m glad I planned ahead and got a lot of things done around the house on Friday because I slept most of the day Saturday.  My stomach woke me up every couple of hours for food and that’s about it.

Meal #1: Protein powder, peanut butter and granola

2011August 012

Meal #2: chicken and veggie soup

2011September 013

Meal #3: Peanut butter toast

2011September 028

Meal #4: Smoothie (chocolate protein powder, frozen banana, frozen strawberries, dark chocolate almond milk, spinach), peanut butter cereal on top

2011September 037

Meal #5: Left overs from Piropos

2011September 033

Meal #6: Chicken and veggie soup

2011August 016

I also had some peanut butter straight from the jar in the evening.  Obviously, I was craving some peanut butter yesterday!

I feel MUCH better this morning!  Hope everyone is having a fabulous long weekend!

See ya’ll tomorrow!

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