Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Too Acidic

2011September 016

Yesterday started with the 6am Title Boxing class.  I was tired.  I didn’t wake up until 5:25am, so there was no time for coffee before class.  It didn’t seem to matter.  The instructor is so full of energy. You can feel it when you walk in the door!

After walking the girls, I ate some oats with protein powder and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter:

2011September 009

I had a morning appointment for my annual “woman’s health” check up.  I really like my doctor.   I’ve mentioned her before.  I love talking with her.  She is always full of information for me!

She talked to me about my pH level being very acidic (after testing my urine) and what I could do to help that.  While, I need to work on bringing my pH level up, I also realize that strenuous activity and dehydration are both acidic causing factors.  Since I went to Title Boxing yesterday and didn’t drink enough water before going to my appointment, I’m probably not as low as the test indicated on a regular basis, but I still need to work on bringing my pH level up.

There is tons of information out there about the health benefits of maintaining a balanced pH.  It’s worth taking a look at if you don’t know your normal level or even if you do.

She wondered if I knew my blood type. No. So, she tested me for that and then recommended eating more foods for my blood type.

2011September 022

I am always highly suspicious of any “fad” diet books, but it was $6.00.  The book is broken down into three categories: Highly Beneficial, Neutral and Avoid.  It is pretty interesting that the two things that cause the most chaos in my body, dairy and wheat based foods, are located in the “avoid” lists.

I plan to keep this book in mind and see if it helps.  I do think bringing down the acidity level in my body is important and I plan to work on doing just that (right after I drink this cup of coffee!).

I picked up some Subway on my way home.  Justin got a sandwich and I got a salad with roasted chicken.  I came home and added some smoked turkey that was left over from Arthur Bryant’s and used my own dressing (Newman’s Own – I can’t remember what kind!)

2011September 001

I definitely did not eat enough food yesterday.  I was busy and not hungry. Weird.

After getting everyone home and settled, I ran to Hobby Lobby and bought some paper to work on one of the projects for my sister, Vann’s wedding. 

While I was out, I grabbed some fro yo!

2011September 020

I haven’t eaten Yogurtini since July 27th!  I had told myself (and you guys!) that I wouldn’t eat it until after our trip to Puerto Rico, but I cracked! 

2011September 011

It was yummy!

I worked on Vann’s project while I watched two hours of Kate Plus Eight! eeek!

I had to watch it.

I watched Jon & Kate Plus 8 when the show first started but quit watching when they started getting a little too famous for their britches.  I wanted to see how she was going to end the show.

Dinner was a boiled egg. Confused smile 

2011September 007

One last thing, Justin caught a pretty funny typo in my post from yesterday.  I read that post three or four times before publishing it and never caught it!  See if you can find it.  Hint: It’s around the purse.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. oh my goodness I want your doctor! i love my ob, but not when it comes to things other than helping me through a pregnancy. I think my GP thinks I am a loon when I tell her my hormones are off and she said, she thought it was post partum depression, 16 months after giving birth. whatever..I read your first experience with your doctor and thought that was awesome!!

  2. Thanks for reading Courtney. It was hard to leave my gynecologist because I had been seeing her for at least 10 years, but I am so glad I did. I love my new doctor! I always leave there feeling so good and motivated to stay healthy!

  3. WHERE is the typo??? i've combed through and don't see it!

  4. You were looking on the Black and White post, right? I was talking about the features of the bag and meant to say "...when you want to carry a different purse...", but instead, I typed "..when you want to carry a different person.."! LOL!

  5. Im so sorry for being away. Goodness I feel lost with out my blog besties and my own. I havent been posting lately but I love how I "caught" you on your cheat :P

    I was bad today myself....had half a brownie...but I am tracking all my calories and hoping I dont go over my limit.

    Starting a crazy new workout program Monday.

    lots of love and I have lots of reading to catch up on!

  6. I wanted to say THANK you for your kind words on my last post! You are so sweet and so funny you made me LOL! Honestly the support means SO much to me! I read your blog every single day, and love it!