Friday, September 23, 2011


The trees in our neighborhood are confused!


In other news, I woke bright eyed and bushy tailed yesterday morning ready to get some sweat movin’!  I got a little TOO excited with trying out classes at the gym and in addition to the 6am boxing class yesterday morning, I also took the cardio kickboxing class and then body pump in the evening.

2011September 055

I am pooped this morning!  I went to the 6am boxing class again this morning but I was punching and kicking through mud!

The cardio kickboxing class was fun but not much of a challenge.  Actually, I shouldn’t say that. You get out what you put into a class, so now that I know what to expect, I’ll be putting more effort out next time.

2011September 017

Body Pump was a lot harder than I anticipated!  It was great! I will definitely be back to that class!

Besides attending group exercises classes, I did laundry and spent time outside yesterday.

2011September 030


Meal #1: Chobani Strawberry/Banana Greek yogurt with Udi’s granola

2011September 001

Meal #2: Two whole eggs, two slices canadian bacon, two slices gluten free toast

2011September 050

Meal #3: Brown rice noodles, ground turkey with roasted broccoli

2011September 053

Meal #4: Chili (made with beef and three kinds of beans)

2011September 059

Meal #5: Brown rice noodles, ground turkey, peas

2011September 061

I better get my day moving.  Have a fabulous Friday, Friends!

2011September 065

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  1. oh,i really need to stop looking at your food pics!lol!
    glad to hear about all your sweatfests going on!
    keep at it!!!