Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Show and a Shower

Oh wow! I had such a FUN, busy day yesterday!  Go fill up your coffee and settle in friends.  I have a lot to tell you about and pictures gallore!

It started with me meeting up with my Mom and Sister at 8:30am in our fancy brunch clothes.  I’m not used to being presentable by 8:30am, but I got moving and was actually early to my Mom’s.

2011September 083

A note about the dress: I bought that dress at Dillard’s for $28!!   I LOVE it! The pencil skirt part is stretchy so it was super comfortable.  Also, not sure what is going on with Sara in the picture on the left. She looks like she’s about to Yack.

2011September 082













We were on our way to the Adorn Style Show held by the Harvest Ball Society!

2011September 031

The Harvest Ball Society raises funds for charities serving communities in the area in which we live.  My sister, Autumn, was invited to design a tablescape representing her business,

2011September 028

She did a really great job!  And we all got these treats to take home!

2011September 030

All the tables were so creatively decorated.  When we first arrived, we walked around and admired all the beautiful tablescapes and then started shopping! 

2011September 026

There were so many great boutiques and stores there that I didn’t realize were located in our area!  I will definitely be visiting some of these stores!  I purchased a few things yesterday as well! It was a lot of fun. After shopping, we met back up at our table.

2011September 027

Then it was time for lunch!

  2011September 032

The spinach salad was delicious.  It had red onions, pumpkin seeds, pears and a vinaigrette.

 2011September 033

The main course was a little heavy!  Breaded chicken breast, stuffed with spinach and cheese, glazed carrots and roasted fingerling potatoes.  I ate about half and called it good.

2011September 035

Dessert was white chocolate mousse.  I took a couple of bites and ate the decorations!  I was pretty full after the super carby main dish!

Next up was the fashion show! It was so fun to watch!

2011September 036

We had such a great time and will definitely be attending this again next year!

2011September 025

BUT! The day wasn’t over yet!

I hightailed it home, changed my clothes, stuck some toothpicks in some salami and headed to my younger sister, Vann’s bridal shower!

2011September 037

My older sister hosted the shower.  I was just the assistant!  Autumn made it a kitchen theme and asked all the guests to purchase kitchen related items from Vann’s registry.

2011September 038

It was great! She got a lot of good stuff.

2011September 043

I love seeing how excited my Stepmom is for Vann.  She is so proud of her little girl.

2011September 068

After the shower, while we were loading our cars, there was a rainbow!

2011September 074

It was a great way to end the day!

2011September 077

My sister in law, Becky, would want me to tell you that she does not normally wear purple scrubs to bridal showers but she is a nurse and was going to work after the shower.

I came home and put some stretchy pants on and vegged the rest of the evening. I was pooped!

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  1. What a fun day! I love your dress and Sara looking like she is about to yak....why did I laugh? I just laughed my head off. I love that you put that picture in your blog. It makes things so real :o)

    Your older sister's dress is super cute too! I love it!