Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No Alarm Bliss

We are living in no alarm bliss over here! Justin and I have not had to wake up to an alarm since sometime around April!  It is so nice. My body wakes me up between 5-5:30am everyday.  I love it!

We have the typical, annoying alarm that still makes me mad to hear when commercials or movies use it.  I think that noise should be banned for TV.  No wonder so many people are grouchy in the morning.  That horrible noise is not a pleasant way to start the day. I hope that sound is gone from our life FOREVER!

Yesterday was Labor Day and another gorgeous day in Kansas City.  I started the day with running a little over 4 miles.  I incorporated hill sprints in there as well.  I took my girls for a walk and then breakfast time!

Meal #1: Yogurt, granola, banana

2011September 004

I did a whole lotta nothing for the rest of the morning, or day!

Super lazy day!

Meal #2: Egg sandwich prepared by Justin!  Two whole eggs, three slices canadian bacon on gluten free toast (I forgot to take a picture!).  It was really yummy.  Food always taste better when it’s made with love!  It looked a lot like this, though:

2011August 007

Meal #3: Chicken and veggie soup (the last bowl. tear.)

2011August 016

Meal #4: Protein powder, peanut butter and granola

2011August 012

Meal #5: Chicken breast with BBQ sauce and roasted petite brussel sprouts

2011September 001

I hope everyone enjoyed their day off (if they had one).  We had a nice lazy day.  There aren’t really days off around here (you know, the whole group home thing we having going on here), but it’s still a relaxing day when everyone is home and there is no real schedule to follow.

Time to lace up my running shoes and get some sweat moving!  See you tomorrow!

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  1. I love that cat! After all you will NEVER need an alarm clock once you own a cat. Correction...a cat owns you. lol