Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It’s That Time Again

Did you miss me?

It’s that time of the month again and I had a date with my heating pad yesterday.

I spent ALL day in our recliner reading blogs about organization!  I am super inspired to get my house organized.  Sometimes (especially during this sensitive time) I feel like we are drowning in our stuff! Too much stuff!

Especially clothes!  And our pantry…who even knows what is in the back of our pantry.  It’s dark back there and things get pushed back, never to be seen again!  I’m pretty sure we have like 40 cans of Pam by now!

Here are two of the blogs I spent most of the day reading:


I'm an Organizing Junkie


These two blogs are packed with information and inspiration on where to start and how to tackle those big projects like master closets and pantries! (my two biggest sleep stealers!)


There were no workouts.  I had high hopes for Monday, but after the no-gas-in-the-car situation that sent my right back home and into my pj’s, I never made it back out to any classes.  I felt really run down.  Then yesterday I was so sick, exercise was not even on the radar!


Food, however, is always on the radar! Over the past two days, the following meals were eaten:

2011September 0022011September 0042011September 0102011September 0132011September 0182011September 0212011September 023

There are two meals missing from the past two days.  Both are dinners.  Monday night we ate Chinese and last night we ate Sonic! Yikes! 

I also ate some M&M’s, ice cream and Doritos!

Good thing I have energy to get to the gym today!


It’s already Wednesday!  Saturday I will be in a bikini!  I will be on the treadmill until then.

See you later!


  1. My TOM has been all wackado since I started training again. Two months in a row it never came and then of COURSE the day before the competition I started spotting (mid-cycle) out of the blue. I am hoping and praying that it skips me again this month because it will fall on the weekend of the next competition. Ugh. I hate TOM!

  2. Thanks for the links. It is something I need to be better at.

  3. yaaayyy I love organizing! this is going to be fun!
    TOM is not here yet for me but I am always toting a heat pad or hot water bottle

  4. All TOM makes me do is eat. Eat bad and eat like a frickin vulture trying to capture my food before it runs away from me. UGH I hate that. But, it is what it is I guess!