Thursday, September 15, 2011

Got Behind

Whoa! I got behind this week! I didn’t post yesterday and this day nearly slipped by without a post as well. Yikes!

2011September 013

It has been absolutely beautiful in Kansas City this week.  It feels like fall and we are loving it! 

Tuesday started off like every other Tuesday.  A bowl of oats with protein powder and a walk with the girls.  Once we got everyone else in our house up and out for the day, we headed to play golf!

2011September 024

We had a great day.

2011September 033

I made sure and packed some food, so I wouldn’t have a repeat of this day!

2011September 036

When we got home, I ate some tilapia and brussel sprouts.

2011September 001

I wasn’t very hungry for dinner because I was so freaking tired.  Justin ordered pizza and wings, but I opted to not have my intestines declare war and leave me feeling like crap for two days , so I ate celery with peanut butter and a boiled egg.

2011September 005

Wednesday started with title boxing and a walk with the girls.  Then I whipped up a batch of Godwin Bars and ate two with some greek yogurt.

2011September 008

Wednesday was pretty busy because I had a follow up appointment per my doctor’s appointment on Monday.  She had noticed that the right lobe of my thyroid was prominent.  I needed to get an ultra sound of the fibroid living in my uterus (I like to have that looked at each year to make sure it’s not growing or changing).  Also, since I have PCOS, I like to have my ovaries checked for any abnormalities.  Anywho.  All my “roids” were normal!  The right lobe of my thyroid is just the way I am made and my fibroid hasn’t changed since last year.

As soon as I got home, Justin and I sprinted through the grocery store and then grabbed Chipotle to eat at home.  I inhaled a chicken burrito bowl before I thought about my camera.

For my next meal, I had a salmon burger with veggies that had some Newman’s Own dressing on them.  It was beautiful and delicious!

2011September 011

Last night was a big TV night.  It was the Survivor Premier and the Big Brother Finale.  There is one happy Lisa today, because Rach-EL won!  I was rooting for the newbies, as you know, but whatever, Rachel was a better player than Porsche.  As soon as she won that final head of house hold, I knew she was going to win the whole thing.  No one could deny that she played her butt off all season.

Okay! We are all caught up!

My posts may be sporadic this weekend because tomorrow morning I leave bright and early on a train to……..

Well, I can’t tell you because it’s for my sister Vann’s bachelorette party and it's a surprise and she reads my blog!  It is going to be super fun!


  1. sounds like your going to have a fun on the crazy train to your sisters party!
    glad your dr appt went well btw!

  2. Isn't Sara just a character in her pictures! I have to go back to that post where you are posing in your dress and comment because I almost choked on my water laughing at her. What a lil' doll!

    BTW, looking at your food choices really help me post competition. It's a good reminder how I can eat really well and stay on track. Thank you!!!

  3. So glad everything went well with your appt. I wasn't surprised that Rachel won either, she did deserve it more than Porche... I couldn't stand her anyway! ;) Love Survivor... now we just need some Amazing Race to start up and my fall has officially begun!