Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fannies and French Fries

Whoa. I woke up way too early this morning.  Like 4am early.

2011September 004

Not wanting this to happen, I proceeded make myself go back to sleep, which only left me waking up every 15 minutes, looking at the clock with one eye open for the next hour, hoping it said 5am!

Sara must have been waiting for 5am as well because that was the time she leapt on to the bed, front paws on my chest and started licking my face! (I try not to think about the parts of herself she licked previous to this affectionate wake up call!)


I started yesterday off with a walk with the girls followed by:

Warm up: 10 minutes on elliptical

3 sets of 10 reps:

  • Cable flys
  • Leg extensions
  • Wide grip bicep curls
  • Single arm tricep cable extensions
  • Romanian dead lifts with dumb bells
  • Burpees

Cool down: 10 minutes of elliptical

Meal #1: Oats with protein and a banana

2011September 001

After getting everyone up and out of the house, Justin and I high tailed it to the golf course.  2011September 004

It was a gorgeous day to be outside.

2011September 013

I pooped out pretty quick. I think I ended up playing like 12 holes or something! Why is golf so exhausting?  I just wanted to lay down on the grass and take a nap in the sun.

2011September 011

I brought food, but not enough and at the 9th hole, I ate this:

2011September 007

and then this:

2011September 008

I couldn’t play the next two holes.  I was so full, I could hardly move!  French fries? Really? What was I thinking?  I am pretty sure the last time I ate french fries was with my post competition meal.  My body was not ready for that much potato yesterday!

2011September 010

I finally started feeling better and got out of the cart for a couple of holes.

2011September 012

Our original plan was to walk it yesterday too. I definitely would not have made it.  Luckily, they only had one pull cart because their other one had a blown tire!  I don’t have a carry friendly bag so no pull cart equals no walking the course!  I was bummed at the time but by the end I was thankful for that blown tire!

I had some great shots yesterday. 

2011September 016

Notice there is no ball in the above picture!  Success!

Justin is a freaking saint.  He has to repeat himself like 500 times every time he plays with me and some how he maintains his patience.

2011September 005

I was so tired when we got home that I took a 2 hour nap!  I was sun burned and starving when I woke up.

We had Chinese food for dinner.

Darn it!

And then chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies.


Today is a new day!  Better choices will be made. Starting with walking the dogs and then Title Boxing!

It’s already Wednesday! Can you believe it?!

Now get up and get your fanny moving!

2011September 014


  1. The "fanny" comment followed by the "fanny" pic was classic! I actually did laugh out loud. Thanks for the smile you put on my face with that one!

    Have a great day!!

  2. looks like a perfect way to spend the day!!

  3. lol!!! love the "fanny" pics!!!!
    too funny!