Friday, September 9, 2011

Darn You Dairy!

As you know, yesterday started with the 6am Title Boxing class. I loved getting my hour of cardio done early then coming home to walk the dogs and eat breakfast.

Meal #1: Oats with protein and a banana

2011September 001

I finally sat down and did my post for the day after getting everyone else up and around.  My plan was to lift weights, but by the time I got my post done and other computer work squared away (you know, blog reading and  facebook stalking), it was time to shower and meet up with my sister.

Before she arrived to pick me up, I figured I better get something in my belly since we were headed to Sam’s Club.  That could be a dangerous shopping experience with no food in my belly!

Meal #2: Boiled egg and peanut butter toast

2011September 001

Sam’s Club was fun.  We let our membership go because we never used it so it had been a couple of years since I had been.  I stocked up on some stuff!

When I got home, Justin and I headed out for errands and lunch.

Meal #3: Salad from Houlihan’s.  I gave my roll to Justin so I could eat all my croutons (because of the gluten thing I have going on)


We were on the hunt for push carts for golfing.  I’d like to start going with Justin once a week and we’d like to walk the courses instead of riding in the carts.  We just browsed at the store and then came home and purchased two online.  None of the stores around here had what Justin wanted.

Meal #4: Chicken sausage and roasted broccoli

2011September 003

It was italian flavored sausage which included having mozzarella in it.  See all those pockets of cheese in there? Super delicious.

2011September 004

When something is delicious, I like to forget that I have a tiny little issue with dairy and so I forged forward into mozzarella cheese bliss.  About 20 minutes later, my body reminded me that denial is not a friendly place.

Usually I can have a little dairy.  I have a cup of greek yogurt several times a week for cryin’ out loud and that doesn’t bother me, but for some reason there are certain dairy items that just go right through me in a violent, angry way.

I didn’t feel like eating anything else last night except some peanut butter. 

By the way, LOVED Big Brother.  Jordan totally deserved to go home.  She didn’t do anything all summer except win one HOH and someone probably let her win it.

Okay, gotta get everyone moving in my house!  Have a great Friday! See you all tomorrow

Also, as you are waking up tomorrow morning, there will be a very nervous and excited girl getting her hair and makeup done, her tan touched up, her tiny bikini glued to her bottom and slipping her tired feet into 5” heels…..Git It Girl is stepping on stage!  Strut your stuff girl!


  1. oh my god. i want that hardboiled egg and pb toast so much! im making some now, haha!

  2. Eeek! Sorry to hear about your dairy troubles!! I don't know what I would do if I couldn't stomach yogurt--love that stuff!

  3. You shush about Jordan! Okay, you are right but I still love her, she's so darn sweet. Okay, no, I love Jeff. Ah Jeff.... Anyway! I'm all for Rachel honestly! Never thought I'd say that but I don't like who's left. =) I'm sad though, last episode in two days. I hate the end of BB season.

  4. Lisa: Jordan is super sweet. I just got sick of her complaining about the "floaters" when I feel like she is the ULTIMATE floater. Jeff is a total game player and a good one! Did you see how mad he still was at Shelly?! It was kind of funny. I am still rooting for a newbie, but my husband is with you, he wanted one of the veterans to win, so I guess that means he wants Rachel to win now. I am always sad when it's over too. Good thing Survivor is getting ready to start! Aaaah....reality TV!!

  5. I know, you are right. I think Jeff should have taken his shirt off more. =) I did laugh when she got to the jury house and he totally confronted her. Him or Jordan are going to be the ones to win America's vote too, which I think is great. Go Justin- team Rachel!! =) Hey, she needs to fund her wedding, did you know she was engaged? She never talks about it. Hehehe. yea, reality tv just sucks you in, I swear!