Monday, September 5, 2011

Chill in the Air

Good Morning and Happy Labor Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying a nice day off from work and sleeping in!

2011September 020

Sara has decided that no toy shall have stuffing.

2011September 002

Poor piggie.  She is making her way through all of the toys.  We bought her a Kong to give her something to chew on, but she wants to de-stuff toys instead.  I have given up. As long as it’s dog toys and not my shoes or furniture, go nuts!

Although, I did lace up a pair of tennis shoes yesterday and realized the shoe string had been chewed in half!

The weather has taken a total turn in the Fall direction and I’m liking it!  It is CHILLY this morning!

Yesterday also started off chilly and stayed nice and cool so I spent most of the day outside.

My meals were totally reversed.  It was so weird, but I just ate what ever I felt like eating and it went like this:

Meal #1: Soup

2011September 013

Meal #2: Chicken salad

2011September 004

Meal #3: Protein powder, peanut butter, granola

2011September 010

Meal #4: yogurt, peanut butter cereal, banana

2011September 018

Meal #5: Egg white sandwich

2011September 025

It wasn’t until I was fixing my egg white sandwich that I realized how my day had gone. Weird.  Only problem with that type of schedule is I ate all my carbs in the second part of the day. Doh!

Other than laundry and hanging outside, I crocheted four scarves. Two normal and two infinity. 

The evening was spent in front of the TV.  Big Brother and True Blood!  It is getting so close to the end for Big Brother. It will be interesting to see who pulls it off!

There is no Title Boxing this morning due to the holiday so I am going to have to kick my own butt.  I see some hill sprints in my future.

2011September 012

The sun is up, time to lace up those shoes and hit the road! See you tomorrow!

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  1. I am going to have to try the protein powder with the peanut butter post competition. You make it look so devine! The dogs look so cute sleeping and Sara has a decided part of her job description is to pull the stuffing out of toys....he he he he!