Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years Ago

As I grew up, I would hear those older than me say things like “I remember exactly where I was when Elvis died.”  or “I remember exactly what I was doing when I got the news that Kennedy had been shot”.   I remember wondering if there would ever be anything in my lifetime that would trigger that response from me.

Would there ever be one event that froze that moment in time forever?

September 11, 2001.

I was sitting in my office working on billing.  My boss came in with a worried look on her face, saying a friend had just called and one of the World Trade Center towers had just been hit.  She wondered if I had heard anything?  We were both confused and unsure if this friend even had her facts straight, so we rushed down to the lunchroom where the only TV was located.  By now, other employees had learned that something had happened.  The lunchroom grew crowded with feelings of confusion and nervousness as we all stood in disbelief, silenced by what we were learning from the national news.  We watched frozen in shock and horror as the second plane hit.  I left the room and called my husband.  He was working out in the field as a land surveyor at the time.  He had no idea that our country was under attack and people were dying and our lives were changing.

I can’t remember any other part of that day, except for being at home in the evening with Justin, glued to the TV, where we would remain for weeks.


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