Thursday, August 25, 2011

Welcome to My Blob

Goooood Morning!  Wow, I woke up to 65 degree temps this morning!  I love walking outside to let the dogs out and getting that first breath of cool, fresh air.  It’s so refreshing. Fall is close.  I can feel it.

It will be time to start making these again!

2010September 001


After spending my morning outside…..

2011August 002

I headed up to Title Boxing.  Like usual, I was laying face down on the floor in a pool of sweat when it was over.  You know it’s a good workout when there’s a moment when you say, I don’t think I’m going to be able to drive home. 

I did, in fact, make it home and put some oats in the microwave when I got here.  While those cooked, I made some phone calls to our insurance company regarding the fence, our car (still dealing with hail damage from June!), my wedding ring.  I’m sure you all know, those phone calls took WAY longer than I had anticipated and before I knew it, it was noon and I was whining starving!  I was begging Justin for French Toast (the oatmeal was long forgotten!), we ended up eating mexican.  Close.



I ate that darn taco before I got a picture!  Didn’t eat the rice, but the enchilada was good.


Sopapillas. Just like the pictures says, they were not frozen yogurt.  They were just okay.  Justin ate one and then immediately regretted it. Too much sugar.

Back at home, I found my oatmeal right where I had left it, in the microwave. Oops.

I spent the rest of the day reading and being outside.

2011August 005

It was pretty hot yesterday afternoon, but the sun felt good.  Sometimes the air conditioning gets to be too much and it feels good to get outside and soak up a little heat. (Then run back inside to the air conditioning!)

I didn’t do so well the rest of the day with eating.  I snacked on some pretzels and chocolate chips.  I finally cooked some real food around dinner time.  I made my Stepmom’s deviled chicken recipe.  It was soooooo good.  I didn’t take any pictures of the prep of making it, so I’ll make it again soon and post it.  It’s not a healthy dish, but it could definitely be modified.

2011August 018

I made it exactly per her recipe last night and Justin and I both had upset stomachs from all the butter! Yeah, it was good.

2011August 019

I used my gluten free bread for the bread chunks and they worked perfectly.  Their dense texture really holds up against the chicken juices and butter during cooking. 

I sent my Stepmom an email about cooking her dish and gave her the link to my blog.  She sent me an email back saying her and Dad had looked at it and they were going to start following my “blob”!

I am still laughing.  Funny how much joy a typo can bring!  So, Welcome to my Blob, Mom and Dad!!

I snacked on some peanuts while watching Big Brother.  Full of drama, as always!  That show does not disappoint.

2011August 012


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