Monday, August 29, 2011

Time to Work

Yay, it’s Monday!

A new week.

A fresh start.

2011August 025

We have 32 days until we leave for Puerto Rico.  I am NOT in bikini wearin’ shape. Gah!

Yesterday I did not make choices that get me closer to that goal either.

That’s what is so great about Mondays.  Goal setting time!  I am going to be hitting it hard for the next 32 days!

I may have said it before. Ignore any previous statements. I mean it this time!


I rested yesterday.  I only made it out of my pajamas to go buy more staples for the staple gun to fix my temporary fence.  Well, for Justin to fix my temporary fence.

And new nail polish! (and toilet paper, but that’s not fun.)

2011August 019

I was in the mood for some GLITTER!  It’s Tenecia’s fault.

I started yesterday off with a delicious yogurt bowl.

2011August 001

The rest of the day was leftovers hell.  I have plenty of good-for-me food to cook, but my deviled chicken and au gratin potatoes were cooked and easy!

2011August 004

So. Much. Orange. Food.

2011August 011

I am swollen this morning.

2011August 015

Finally!  Some green food.

2011August 014

Oh and let’s not forget the brown food.

2011July 005

Good thing I have Title Boxing this morning.  I might go back and take the evening Title Boxing class too!  Maybe the Noon class as well.  Maybe I should jog to and from the class.

Justin’s Mom and Sister (Sarah) stopped by to visit yesterday and meet our Sara.

2011August 028

I had to carry her out into the living room so they could meet her and then we all went outside so she could be more comfortable and have some space.  She fetched her ball and took treats from Janet and Sarah.   We can see improvements every time someone new comes over, so that’s good.

Sunday nights are all about Big Brother and then True Blood.

Oh, Big Brother was a good one last night. Justin and I are not on the same side. A divided house.  He is rooting for the veterans and I for the newbies. 

That show never disappoints!

2011August 027

I hope everyone has a a great Monday!  See you tomorrow!


  1. that dessert looks yummy! I understand you about not being bikini ready. I would love to join a challenge with you eat clean for the next 30 days...can I just have my birthday to eat some cake? : P

  2. Let's do it, Nini!