Thursday, August 18, 2011


Yesterday started with 4.5 mile run followed by walking the girls.  It was a little steamier out yesterday morning than it’s been in a few days.  It felt good to get a good sweat going.

I came home and ate a bowl of oats with protein powder.

2011August 004

I spent most of the morning working.  After our meeting yesterday, I felt really motivated to change up how I do some of my paperwork and really get things organized a little better.  It felt good to have a list of things to do and be checking them off!

I got a solid three hours of productive work done.  I love when that happens.

That’s one of the hardest parts about working at home and for myself.  I can always put things off and I get distracted easily.  I’ll be working and then need to go into the kitchen for something and that will remind me I need to get some laundry out of the dryer and fold it and then the next thing I know I’m sitting down watching The Talk and it’s been an hour and I don’t even remember why I went into the kitchen in the first place!

Before I knew it, it was afternoon and we needed to get some lunch and to the grocery store.

SUSHI!!  This is my favorite lunch to get: Sushi and Sashimi Bento Box.  Justin always gets my crab rangoon and my weird pink ginger. 

2011July 001

After grocery shopping we were both pooped.  I read for awhile and ended up taking a nap.

We were all tucked in for the evening (it was like 4:30pm) when Justin remembered we were supposed to be at his Dad’s house in an hour for dinner.

Holy Smokes!  We got ourselves and everyone else ready in lightening speed and got over there.

His Uncle and his girlfriend were there from Iowa along with Justin’s sister and her boyfriend.  It was great to spend time with everyone and, of course, the food was awesome!  Justin’s Dad and Stepmom fixed mexican food and there were hard and soft tacos with a choice of chicken, beef or stir fried veggies.  There was also chips and like five different kinds of dips and salsas.

Dessert was a strawberry shortcake type dessert.  It was so freaking good.  I really wish I would have taken a picture!

I was a bad blogger and didn’t take one picture! Boo.

It was 9 o’clock by the time we got home and luckily I had DVR’d Big Brother!  Tonight’s show should be good.  I hope they send Brendon out the door!


  1. Brendon gone...I'm with you there! (I also wish Rachel would go with him!! lol)
    Didn't it just break your heart when Shelly was talking to her daughter & hubby on the phone? I can't imagine ever leaving my family for 12 weeks!

  2. I recently got food poisoning from sushi…so im off of it for a while! Though I love bento boxes…maybe its time to try it again?...nope, just thinking about sushi is making me queasy….darn you brain!

  3. fitbamabelle: I agree with taking Rachel with him. I am so over both of them! And, yes, I cried with Shelly. I can't imagine leaving my family either. It would never happen.

    Nini: That stinks about the food poisoning. I hope that never happens to me because it took me forever to like fish like that so if I were to get food poisoning that would probably be the end for me!

  4. Stacy--I also <3 sushi! Soo good! Every time I go home, my mom always takes me out for sushi lunch--yum!

    By the way, you need to check out Loft soon! All the fall stuff is in full swing (yes, I know it's still hot as crap out), and it's all (mostly) so gorgeous/fun! Lots of lace!