Monday, August 8, 2011

Stormy Sunday

A storm blew by our house yesterday.

2011August 007

Broke this tree in half and knocked over our fence.

2011August 008

The other half of this tree is on the other side of that fence!  It was crazy! The sky got super dark and then the wind picked up, the rain came and then the hail hit.  The wind was blowing the hail so hard against our house and windows.  It was so loud! Made me a little nervous.  The power flickered on and off several times but, luckily, stayed on.  There were a lot of people around us that lost power for quite a while.

We didn’t do much yesterday.  It was a nice little Sunday. Since the rain moved in, it was a lot cooler which was nice.

Meal #1: Egg whites with canadian bacon and gluten free toast!  I guess I forgot to take a picture!  It looked a lot like this:

2011August 007

Meal #2: Turkey and swiss sandwich with potato chips and GF pretzels

2011August 001

Meal #3: Tacos. There is just nothing like tacos made at home! And with my homemade salsa! So good!

2011August 004

I really wasn’t that hungry yesterday.  I snacked on some almonds and ate a donut left over from Saturday.  It’s getting close to that time of the month, so I was really tired yesterday.  I just wanted to lay around and read blogs and play tetris.

Somebody had a lot of energy and had other plans for me!

2011August 062

So we played fetch for quite a while. Katy and Piper didn’t want to fetch the ball, they just wanted to chase Sara with the ball and bark at her!

2011August 063

Here they have her cornered.

2011August 053

But she comes away with the ball!

2011August 054

The cooler temps are supposed to be sticking around this week!  I see a lot of outside play time in my future!

2011August 073

2011August 065

2011August 076

2011August 095

Have a great Monday!

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!

    I looooooove those pics of Sara with her ball! Is she good at returning it so you can throw it out for her? I love it! She is soooo happy :) Can't wait to see her (and the other girls:) next Sunday!