Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Quickie

Oh boy, I’m getting to my post late this morning so it will be a quick one.   I have cramps and my husband is still sick.  He is on the mend and was able to help out this morning so that is a step in the right direction.  I’ve been pulling double duty around here for a couple of days and with it being that time of the month, I’m exhausted.  I took a three hour nap yesterday morning.  I still need to get to the store before my cramps lay me out for the day.

I got my 5 miles in yesterday morning and again this morning.  A nice, steady state, 5 miles.  I ran my old 5 mile loop with no forerunner, no time clock, no heart rate monitor, no idea of what pace I was keeping.  Just running.  There is no better feeing than just letting myself get taken away by the awesome feeling of a run.  The rhythm of my breathing and my feet hitting the pavement just lulls me into a peaceful, calm place.

Our weather is absolutely beautiful right now.  It has completely cooled off.  After my run this morning, I took the girls for their walk and then played fetch in the back yard.  It was too nice to be in doors.

Katy’s update:

2011February 001 (2)

Her heart is fine!  Whew. I was most worried about that.  Her liver was a little inflamed and larger than it should be and her blood work showed her liver enzymes to be a little elevated.  So, we are going to put her on a bland diet and some liver enzymes to see if we can get her liver to heal and calm everything down in her body.  Everything else in her labs and xray looked fine, so we just have to hope she doesn’t have liver disease.  Hopefully this is just stress induced inflammation and once everything around here calms down, so will Katy’s organs!

We know stress is hard on the human body, Katy is evidence that this is true for dogs as well.

I better get to the store.  I hear my heating pad calling my name!


  1. so glad katy is OK!!!
    hope you and your hubs feel better ASAP!!!!

  2. I hope it's just stress for Katy with the new addition! I hope hubby starts feeling better too!

  3. Hey! I forgot about you too! Ha! I hope you get back to normal as well:o)