Saturday, August 20, 2011

Perfect Week Ender

We had the BEST day yesterday!

I started it off by sleeping in a little later than usual, took the girls for a walk and then ran them up to the groomer.


I came home and ate a bowl of oats with protein and banana.

2011August 038

After getting everyone up and around and getting some work done, it was time to pick the girls up.

2011August 042

2011August 043

Sara did really well at the groomer.  She got a bath and her nails clipped.

2011August 045

Meal #2: Egg white and canadian bacon omelette with gluten free english muffin with a little butter.

2011August 053

And then I did this.

2011August 0482011August 0472011August 036

Yeah, sorry about that.

What’s worse is that I actually posted them and think they are AWESOME!

I spent the afternoon trying on almost everything in my closet because we were going out with FRIENDS! 

We had an afternoon snack of shrimp cocktail because we knew we would be eating a big dinner.

2011August 009

We weren’t meeting our friends for a couple of hours, so we stopped by my Mom and Stepdad’s and visited with them. They took my younger brother to college this past week.  He is starting his second year and moved into an apartment this time instead of the dorms.  It was fun to hear their stories about this guy:

James17 019

Oops.  Wait. Where did the time go?

Holy perms!

It was fun to hear their stories about this guy:


We met our friends at our favorite wine place for a tasting, a bottle and a light appetizer.

2011August 001

Then walked down to our favorite french restaurant for dinner.

2011August 0022011August 003

2011August 0042011August 005

2011August 0062011August 007

We had such a great time.  Family and friends all in one night, what could be better?!

We fell into bed around 11pm and were woke up shortly thereafter by another crazy storm!

I slept in until 7am this morning and as tired as I was, I could only think of Kelly (seen above).  She is training for a half marathon and has a 10 mile run this morning. Yikes.

Hope it well, Kelly!  I am drinking coffee and thinking about you! Winking smile


  1. Sounds like the most perfect day ever! Your doggies look so stinking cute. I took mine to the groomer for his first time this week too and he did a great job too!

  2. haha I had a chuckle and found the pictures of your dogs SO cute :) I can even *hear* the happiness in your voice with your perfect day : )

    we are supposed to get a crazy storm tonight. Just heading out for some drinks with some friends....but my hair will probably end up looking like the much for straightening my hair haha