Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to Train a Dog

Yesterday started off with a sloooooow run because I was really focused on looking for my wedding ring.  No Luck. So. So. Sad. I got 4.5 miles.

We celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary on Monday.  Good timing.  My wedding ring was one ring, with the center stone being a sapphire and then diamonds along each side.  As we have gotten older, it has bothered Justin.  He no longer felt like it looked like a wedding ring.  He has told me for the past several years that he would like to have the center stone changed to a diamond.  I never wanted to do that.  I picked out that ring. I loved that ring.  It was the ring he gave me on our wedding day. Now that I have lost it, I told him that was his anniversary present.  Now I can get a ring with a diamond.  (Making a joke out of it is the only thing that makes the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach go away.)

I came home and leashed up the girls and took them for a long walk.  It poured down rain on us! It felt really good. Sara and Piper loved it.  Katy stuck right by my side looking miserable. Diva.

Justin was supposed to play golf with his Dad, but they called it off due to the rain.  I was glad because we had things to do.

2011August 010

First on the agenda, breakfast!

Meal #1: Oats with protein powder

2011August 002

Meal #2: Protein pancakes with peanut butter and agave nectar (I mixed the two together and warmed it up in the microwave)

2011August 001

In the midst of running our errands, we stopped for lunch at our new fave mexican restaurant.  This place is so good.  They don’t put cheese on anything.  Obviously, I am really impressed by this. It’s real authentic mexican food.

Meal #3: Chicken, Veggies with warm corn tortillas (not pictured).  I ate a couple bites of the beans and rice.

2011August 011

After arriving home, before the dog trainer got there, I ate a bowl of cereal.

Meal #4: Panda Puffs with Dark chocolate almond milk

2011August 007

The dog trainer was great.  Sara started acting nervous as soon as she got there and stuck close to me.  The trainer came in, sat down and started getting to know Justin and I and Katy and Piper.  Sara jumped up on another couch and just laid down.  She eventually went to sleep, but in the beginning just laid her head down and kept her eyes on the trainer.  She went over a lot of things with us, but the main thing we took away from the experience was that Sara will be find.  She needs patience and time and a lot of positive reinforcement.  We are to ignore her when she’s nervous, which we had already been doing.  We are to allow her to get away from a situation if she wants to and not force introductions with strangers.  She eventually approached the trainer (who had a treat in her hand) on her own and sniffed it.  We need to allow Sara to do things on her time.

2011July 008

Sara received a lot of treats during our training exercises.  I think Katy and Piper each gained 20lbs.  They didn’t know what was happening but that lady had turkey hot dogs and that is all that mattered.

2011July 018

It was a really great experience and Justin and I learned a lot.  Just talking with her, set our nerves at ease about Sara’s nervous behavior.  We just have to step back and remember that Sara is not even a year old yet.  We plucked her out of her life outdoors where she was surrounded by dogs and little human contact and plunged her right in the middle of five humans.  Oh! And!  Two dogs and a cat that, in the beginning, didn’t like her.  She has been to the vet twice, once for all her vaccinations and then for her spay. So, yeah, sweet baby Sara has had a big month.  I’d probably have some anxiety too!

I was exhausted by the end of the day.  I managed to get one more meal fixed and then I was fighting to stay awake at 8:30pm.

Meal #5: Turkey burger with Kale chips

2011August 009

By the way, if you have ever wondered if there is such a thing as too much mustard and ketchup. There is.  Holy cow!  I don’t know what I was doing or thinking about when I was smothering my delicious little turkey burger with a blanket of condiments, but it was too much!  It did provide a nice little dip for some of my kale chips though.

Today is going to be a great day! I hope yours is as well!

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  1. I'm so sorry you haven't found your ring. Maybe after you get your new ring, the original will turn up & you can wear BOTH of them! (bling! bling!)
    I seriously did lol when you called Katy a DIVA. Love it!
    Have a great weekend. :)