Tuesday, August 9, 2011

House of Sick and Worry

I have a house full of sickies over here. Not fun. For anyone.

So, I made these.

2011August 013

They are gluten free and soft and chewy.

2011August 012

And I made that stack right in the middle so I could get this amazing shot.

2011August 010

I thought it would more amazing than that.

It’s still in the 5 am hour.  I can’t be expected to function at 100% yet.

I was feeling sluggish yesterday.  It’s almost that time of the month for me, so I am tired and weepy.  A couple of our clients have summer colds and then Justin got a sore throat on Sunday that turned into a cold over night and has now taken up residence in his chest.

Colds always end up in his chest, so it’s nothing new or scary.  It just stinks. He sounds like crap. He is miserable.  Some homemade chicken noodle soup is in his future.

2011August 001

I took Katy to the vet yesterday because over the past month (since we got Sara!) her belly as become HUGE.  Picking her up or carrying her is like carrying a watermelon.

2011August 050

Her belly is round and hard.

2011August 004

During our walk on Saturday, she seemed slower.  Normally she is way out in front, leading the group.  Pulling against the leash.  She was sticking to my side and even started to get behind.

2011August 075

She also seems to be more out of breath when we are done walking than usual.

I was blaming it on Sara being here and Katy being depressed about it. It was starting to bother me, though, so I took her to the doctor.

2011August 097

He drew blood and took an xray of her abdomen.  There was nothing glaringly bad on the xray, but he sent it out to a radiologist to get a full report.  We’ll know the results today.

We were told she has a heart murmur years ago.  That’s not uncommon with her breed.  We just had to keep an eye (or ear) on it at each of her appointments and watch her activity level.  So, this could be heart related or Cushing’s disease or her liver or her kidneys. It could by ANYTHING!

I blame myself for bringing Sara into the house and stressing Katy out. 

2011August 085

Of course, the doctor said that it’s not because of Sara (that may have been because I started crying as I asked him about it). It would have happened no matter what.  Maybe the stress just brought it out earlier.

I am sick with worry. My hormonal situation is not helping!

2011August 080

I want my Katy to feel good and not be sick and be her crazy normal self.

We will find out today what is going on and what the plan of action will be.

2011August 009

In other news, remember this mess from the storm?  Now that Justin is sick, I knew it was going to be a while before he would feel like getting out there and cleaning that up.2011August 007

So, I called the guy that mows our lawn and asked him if he would do it!  He came last night and got most of it.  He has to come back today and finish, but he at least got the part of the tree that was on the other side of the fence (by the street) cleaned up. I’ll be glad to have that mess gone.

It’s nice and cool this morning, so I think I’ll go try to run this worry off.


  1. The Gluten free Squares you have made look delish! I hope you'll post a recipe soon.

    Im so sorry about Katy. I am praying for a speedy recovery. And don't blame yourself. Its almost time for Aunt Flo to make an appearance for me too and I get really weepy and do some foolish things....for example I am debating whether I should call the Ex BF...bad idea I know...I'll sub in a work out too!

    Lot's of love hun


  2. Yummmm! Those bars look amazing!

  3. oh! i do hope little katy gets feeling better soon!
    and of course the rest of the people in your house!!!
    colds are going around in my house as well-trying to keep the baby from catching it!
    anyways,hope you got in that run-heres to some good news about katy!!!!

  4. So do you eat everything gluten free because you want to or because you have to? Just curious! They do look delicious! I hope you hear some good news about katy, that's so sad. I have two dogs, I understand.