Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hangin’ with the Fam

It is another GLOR-EEE-OUS Sunday morning in Kansas City!  We are just having perfect weather lately and I am taking full advantage of our screened in porch to soak it all up.

Yesterday started with a 5 mile run. 

2011August 020

I got to take my new shoes on their first run.  They felt so good.  I knew my other shoes were pretty worn out, but I didn’t realize how bad until I slipped my feet into these!

I came home and took the girls for their walk.

I ate a yogurt bowl outside on the deck.

2011August 004

Then I started getting glued to my computer.  The WBFF World Championships was yesterday in Toronto and I knew several people competing.  One of them being my trainer, Diana Chaloux-LaCerte!  I was so pumped for everyone! They had a forum going with play by play commentary and it was exciting! I felt like I was there.

Meal #2: Brown rice noodles, roasted broccoli and turkey meat balls

2011August 009

I couldn’t spend all day in front of my computer though because Justin’s Dad and Stepmom were coming over dinner. Justin made the grocery store run and I cleaned and then cooked the food.

Meal #3: eggwhites with one whole egg, canadian bacon, gluten free english muffing with butter

2011August 012

The evening started out a little on the warm side, but we didn’t mind, we sat outside anyway.  It cooled off pretty quick.

2011August 016

We enjoyed appetizers of crackers, salami and asiago cheese along with cream cheese with a jalepeno chutney.

2011August 017

And, of course, bottles of wine.

2011August 018

For dinner, I made deviled chicken, Au gratin potatoes and a salad.

2011August 021

It was yummy.  That was the first time I had made Au Gratin potatoes and they could have cooked longer, but they tasted good.

2011August 022

For dessert, I made that chocolate éclair dessert that we love so much.  So sweet, but so yummy!

2011July 005

Eventually, everyone reached their limit of sugar and wine and the evening came to an end.

I hopped back on the computer to get the updates on the competition.  Diana took 2nd place and her husband Micah took home the 1st place trophy in his division!  I am so excited for both of them and I know that everyone else that competed is waking up with smiles on their faces!


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