Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Whoa! It’s already Noon!  I am super late at getting my post done today!

I have been busy putting up a temporary fence this morning.  Our fence has been needing repair for quite a few years and after the past two storms, it had reached it’s limit.  Until someone can get out here to put up a new fence, here is what I did:

2011August 024

It may look tacky, but it keeps the dogs from running away!  I am pretty proud of myself.  After we got everyone up and ready for the day and Justin left to play golf with his Dad, I ran up to Lowe’s and purchased this orange plastic stuff.  Then I used a staple gun and attached it to the already standing posts.  I got skillz! Winking smile

Backing up to yesterday, I started the day by running a little over four miles then took the dogs for their walk.

I powered down some oats with protein powder and a banana.  I was excited to get to Title Boxing.

2011August 001

After getting everyone up and ready for the day, I headed to my class.  Oh boy, it did not disappoint.  I was toast by the end. (and so sore today)

I was also starving when I got home.

2011August 006

Gluten free cereal and dark chocolate almond milk hit the spot!  But it also left me hungry!  I kept snacking on carbs (chips!) when it finally dawned on me to eat some PROTEIN and squash the hunger once and for ALL!

2011August 011

Chicken breast dipped in BBQ sauce to the rescue.  I have definitely learned that if I am still hungry after I eat and feel myself snacking on whatever is closest and easiest, it is always because I need more protein.

I was so zapped after that class, I ended up taking a two hour nap.

I was hungry when I woke up. Imagine that.

English muffin with butter and a spoon of almond butter hit the spot for an afternoon snack. (a hand full of chocolate and peanut butter chips may have been part of that snack as well. maybe.)

2011August 012

I never could get my energy going.  I didn’t get anything done yesterday besides nap and eat.  We ended up ordering Chinese food for dinner because I didn’t feel like cooking anything.

2011August 015

It was really good!  I ordered the Kung Pao Chicken with shrimp and the Szechuan broccoli and then mixed the two.  I didn’t eat any rice but did have two crab rangoon.  It was delicious!

I have already eaten some of the left overs today!

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!


  1. Staci, I love reading your blog and have enjoyed reading/watching on your way to competition. we have a mutual friend, Kelli who told me about your blog.

    Great job on the fence btw, maybe a 2nd profession there for ya :)

  2. you definitely have mad skillz hehe

    and I was off my diet a bit today...ugh time to get back on the band wagon lol

  3. How come your food always looks so much better than mine? Ha ha! Every time I come to your blog I leave wishing I could eat with you for a day! I have been a carb-a-holic ornery mess this week. I don't know what my problem is. I am non stop hungry, can't ever feel full, want everything that comes near my face and I still have 6 weeks of dieting to look forward to, UGH!

  4. The Brown Family - And yesterday wasn't even a good food day! LOL! Food always looks better when someone else has fixed it, doesn't it?! I think the same thing when I read other blogs! Hang in there, you can do ANYTHING for 6 weeks!