Sunday, August 14, 2011

Beer Drinkers?

Holy Cow! This Sunday morning is GLOR-EEE-OUS!  It is nice and cool.  Almost crisp.  I should be running right now.

I am instead enjoying some coffee in the screened in porch.

Yesterday morning was really nice as well.  I got in a 4 mile run before two big dogs came running at me from behind a house.  I hate when that happens.  It scares the crap out of me.

The duo was a big brown mutt and an over weight German Shepherd.  They were both very sweet and licked my legs.  They eventually took off to enjoy their freedom. 

I was a little shaken.  Just jogging a long in my zone, heard the collars rattle and when I turned around, I see two big dogs running at me. Eeep!  It makes me want to slap the owners.  At least they were nice.

I ran home (and on the way, warned another jogger of the two nice but big dogs running around) and got my girls and went for a walk.

I ate some oats and protein when I got home:

2011August 002

Then some egg whites with one whole egg and some gluten free toast with butter.

2011August 003

I spent a good chunk of the day outside reading The Help.  I am really enjoying that book.  I also got some paperwork done for our Group Home.

Meal #3 was the rest of the chicken noodle soup.  I was sad to see it go.

2011August 008

Justin and I joined a beer club.  Well, really, Justin joined a beer club.  So, we will get four different beers each month.  We are also part of the wine club, so we get one bottle of wine each month as well.  Last night, since it was so nice out, we decided to sit outside and try two of the beers.

2011August 010

I liked them both.  Justin thought the cherry one was too cherry.  Neither one of us finished them. Losers.

Here Justin is explaining his tan lines to Sara.

2011August 011

She loves him anyway.

2011August 013

Did you guys make a peanut butter pie this weekend?  I plan on it making it tonight for our family dinner.  I can’t stop thinking about Jennie.

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  1. Oh my goodness, just read Jennie's blog and watched the video. So sad and yet so inspiring at the same time! I just love how even online communities can come together at such trying times!