Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back in Time

We have 57 days until we go to Puerto Rico!  There will be lots of pictures taken and bikinis worn.  So, I am going back in time and following my own blog to get things tightened back up around here!  Starting today, 57 days out!

I love the Blog Community because you ALL help keep me in check.  The fact is, I am having way too much fun eating way too much Yogurtini! (and other things!)

This was the day that started it all!

2011May 022

Remember this day?  Post competition. Bad hair. Glasses. First trip to Yogurtini. Ever. In my life.  I was so happy.

But then this happened:


When my name shows up in other blogs about eating Yogurtini, I think that’s a sign!! LOL! (GIT IT GIRL!!)  That’s why I love you guys!  She didn’t make a rude comment or say anything negative about me eating Yogurtini.  She just simply said that reading my blog has made her crave frozen yogurt during her comp prep.  It made me think about how far I have started to stray from healthy eating and what do I really want for myself. I am not getting amazing results from eating frozen yogurt!

Okay, so that’s it.  From now on, if you want food porn in the form of Yogurtini, you are going to have to bookmark this page because for the next 57 days, NO YOGURTINI!! (I think I just heard Justin’s jaw hit the floor)

Now, I need to go run off the pizza and chicken wings I ate last night!

Oh and on that note.  I started yesterday off with running 5 miles including hill sprints.  I am REALLY enjoying hill sprints!  We’ll see how I feel out there today, it might just be a steady state day, but who knows!  I may get to a hill and need to sprint it. You just never know!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Haha ok keeping you in check for the next 57 days!

    : )

  2. MMMM, LOVE all the pictures of the yogurtini's!!! Okay, sorry, yea, get back on it! I'm right there with ya girl!~