Sunday, July 31, 2011

Totally Boring

Yesterday was totally boring and lazy and wonderful!  I mean, totally.  I started the morning out in the screened in porch with my girls!

2011July 009

Katy is always looking at me like, “What about me?” “Why aren’t you petting me?” “Why is that thing on your lap and not me” If I could hear her thoughts, I’m pretty sure they would be: “ME, ME, ME. ME, ME, ME. ME. ONLY ME!”

2011July 006

Sarah is still trying to figure out what to do when the other two tear ass to the fence and bark wildly at a passer by. She wants in on it. Kind of.  The little ones are still a little scary to her and she’s not quite sure what to bark at or who they are chasing.  Or what it means to chase. Standing on the couch, in the screened in porch, seems like a safer place for now.

Meal #1: Yogurt, Panda Puffs and a Godwin bar.

2011July 030

Meal #2: Left over Mongolian beef with brown rice

2011July 023

I snacked on some gluten free pretzels and hummus while the rice cooked.

2011July 030

Meal #3: Left over pulled pork and corn on the cob

2011July 031

Meal #4: Left over pasta bake

2011July 025

Meal #5: Roast, potatoes and carrots

2011July 036

Justin and I were both craving cookies last night, but I knew there was no way I could have a whole batch of cookies in the house and not eat them all.  Justin can eat two cookies and be done FOREVER! He may not eat one more cookie out of the whole batch!  I on the other hand will not rest until every last one is gone.  Knowing this about myself, I was not going to bake cookies at 8 o’clock at night.  To feed my sweet tooth, I ate a bowl of gluten free Panda Puffs with dark chocolate almond milk!  FYI, I don’t recommend eating a bowl of cereal at 8 o’clock at night either (it made for a very restless sleep), but last night, it seemed like I only had two choices…cookies or cereal. I picked the lesser evil.

2011July 040

YUMTASTIC!  Squashed my sweet craving without having to eat two dozen cookies! Winning!

By the way, we are back to roasting in the midwest.  We had that nice little break of cooler temps and rain, but got reminded yesterday what season we are in as Mother Nature slapped a big fat heat blanket on us again.

2011July 033

It got crowded around the water bowl a few times. Red heart


  1. I admire your cooking skills! I'm so lazy that my idea of a meal is chicken and a bagged steamer veggie, even when I'm not on prep!

  2. MMM, roasted red pepper hummus, my favorite! Love that brand too (just polished off mine!)