Sunday, July 10, 2011

Successful Saturday

I had such a busy and productive day yesterday!

I started the day off with a trip to the Farmer’s Market. Awesome.

2011July 004

I came home and ran a hot and sweaty 4 miles. Awesome.

Leashed the girls up and took them for their walk. Awesome.

Showered and went to my Dad and Stepmom’s house.  Awesome.

The productivity pretty much ends there, but it was an “awesome” morning! Winking smile

I wanted to check on my Stepmom and visit with my Aunt who is there for two weeks to help out while my Stepmom recovers from her hip surgery.  I ended up spending 4 hours out there, so it was getting close to evening before I got home and I hadn’t eaten since breakfast. Fail.

Breakfast was a yummy yogurt bowl with Chobani Vanilla greek yogurt, blackberries and granola:

2011July 010

Since I was so hungry, I grabbed Taco Bell on the way home for Justin and I.  Later in the evening, I ate some broccoli and cucumbers with ranch dressing for a snack.  Not the best food day.

I felt really great all day though.  I had a nice visit with family and then came home and spent time outside with the dogs.  I am trying to not let Sara sleep too much during the day so she’ll sleep better at night.  She is still jumping in our bed quite a bit during the night.

I was talking to Justin about how it seems like Sara has her days and nights mixed up and he made a great point.  Since she was an outside dog and it’s so hot out, she probably slept during the day and then came out at night when it cooled off to eat and play. Duh.  That totally seems to be her schedule.  So, it’s just going to take some time to get that switched around.

Enjoy your Sunday!  I didn’t have time to get my pool set up yesterday, so I’m going to do that today!  Can’t wait to be laying on a raft!


  1. I have been MIA from the blog world for a while, but had to let you know that I still read them and wanted to say that I LOVE how real you are. I love that you are talking about food like a real person. You actually have days where you don't eat perfectly. You are awesome. Any plans to compete again or are you taking some time off?

  2. Hi there, Mrs. Brown! Good to see you are still around, hope things are going well for you. I definitely plan to compete again, but will be waiting until next Spring. The other shows for this year just don't match up my schedule. I am glad you are enjoying my blog! I sure love posting each day!