Monday, July 4, 2011

Sara’s Second Day

Yesterday was Sara’ s second day at her new home and the first FULL day.  Katy and Piper are still giving her the cold shoulder.

There were several times during the day when I wondered if we had made the right decision for our home.  One look at Sara’s little face and I know we did.

2011July 014

The girls will warm up.  I know they will learn to love her as much as we do.  It’s just going to take some time.  She is very cautious around them.  She knows she’s not the boss.

I started my day with a yogurt bowl.

2011July 013

Lunch was eaten quickly and without thinking.  I was hungry and I had waited too long!  I fixed our clients frozen pizza and I ended up eating some slices.  I must say, it’s probably been a year since I ate frozen pizza and it tasted really good!

2011July 013

It got my head on straight for Meal #3 and ate a chicken breast with BBQ sauce and left over roasted green beans.

2011July 007

Meal #4 was snacking on almonds, Nut Thins and a Dark Chocolate Coconut Bliss bar.

Justin was craving Chinese food after a long day of playing golf with my brothers and soon to be brother in law, so I ordered him and our group home clients Chinese and ate my own version:  chicken and rice with peas and carrots.

2011July 010

I was exhausted when it was time for bed.  All three dogs slept with us again last night!  I bought Sara her own bed yesterday, so tonight will be a new sleeping arrangement.

This Morning

I took them for their first walk as a group this morning.  This was Sara’s first time in a harness and on a leash. Getting out of the door was the hardest part. (Coming back in was not easy either.  She has some issues with doors)

2011July 001

Katy and Piper led the way and Sara watched and followed along.

2011July 003

Hopefully there was some bonding through sniffing.

2011July 005

She did REALLY well for this being her first time.  Katy and Piper helped a lot!  She was really watching what they did, as they sniffed and barked at rabbits.  She has yet to bark or make any noises except for a little whine here or there when she gets excited, but I know that beagle bark will make it’s debut one of these days!

I am going to try to get a run in today and lift some weights.  Hope everyone has a fabulous 4th of July!


  1. I have to ask you about your oats...what Kind are they? Its it a granola you make? Is it just oatmeal? I have been eyeing them in your posts! I haven't had frozen pizza in ages (must be three years or more), I have to say it actually looks good!

    Hope Sara settles in better I'm sure its just a bit of jitters from being in a new environment.

    Going to roast my great beans tonight!

  2. Sara will settle in with the girls - it took a few weeks for our new dog to get settled with our other one - they just have to work out the pecking order. love reading your blog and your pics. if you dont mind me asking - what are your home clients? are you going to compete again soon?
    cheers, Amanda :)

  3. Nisara, the oats that are in my yogurt bowl this time, I purchased. They are Udi's Vanilla and are super good!

    Amanda, my husband and I own and operate a group home for individuals with developmental disabilities. I DO plan to compete again, but not until next Spring.