Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ruined my Hard Work

Yesterday started off with walking the girls.  It was really nice out in the morning so we went on an extra long walk.  Then it was my turn for a good sweat session at Title Boxing.  He has us outside at the start of every class now jogging and running sprints.  That really gets the sweat moving!

2011July 011

Can you see how soaked my shirt is? (My shirt says “Just say yes to Endorphins”)

My morning kind of got away from me and I only got some handfuls of granola in me before heading out the door to boxing.  Definitely not enough fuel for that class!

2011July 001

I was so hungry by the time I got home.  I ate a peach while I cooked my next meal.

2011July 014

It was so juicy, I had to hold it with a paper towel to eat it!

Egg whites and gluten free toast is what was being cooked.  I ate this so fast, I hardly remember eating it!

2011July 019

Justin was golfing with his Dad yesterday so I was bored on my own.  I got news from one of the magazines that I sent my story to that I was selected as their Transformation of the Month.  Not supposed to spill the beans until it comes out, so you will be the first to know as soon as I can blast it!  I spent a lot of my afternoon completing an interview.  It ended up being 6 pages!  Not sure how much of that they use, but it was thorough!

Meal #3 was left over brown rice noodles with ground turkey, cheese and hot sauce:

2011July 021

I needed to run to the store for bread and was having some cravings. (It’s that T.O.M. for cravings).

I caved to these:

2011July 026

And these:

2011July 029

Then later, I caved to this:

2011July 024

Ugh, I am feeling it this morning!  My head feels congested and although I woke up at my normal time, I felt foggy and tired.  I bet my head is congested and phlegmy from the milk chocolate and cheese that I ate.  That is worth it, but the sluggish, foggy feeling from the Chinese food is not.

I am most disappointed about the Chinese food.  I love candy, so if I am going to treat myself with something, it’s going to be candy.  Plus, I totally ruined all the hard work I put into Title Boxing yesterday morning.

I even had brussel sprouts fresh out of the oven, that I was going to put with some ground turkey, when Justin said he wanted Chinese food again.  (soooo, it’s Justin’s fault)  It’s been a long time since I ate Chinese food because of how rotten it makes me feel!  I guess I needed a reminder.

Oh well, that’s my little rant.  I made the choice to eat it, so whatever. It’s done.

Today’s a new day and now I have brussel sprouts already cooked and ready to add to a meal!


  1. Isn't it funny how we sometimes eat something just to comfort us and THEN we pay for it later? UGH... I do it all the time... my TOM hit me hard this week and I actually just snacked on a handful of skittles, and popcorn.... at 10 am... not off to a great start. :)

  2. It's the hardest thing! We know the things that we should be eating, & would rather make good healthy choices for our body, yet we still give in to cravings.....why? why? why?

  3. I have to agree with fit n fab...we know it makes up feel like crap yet we think if we TRY it one more time it may change right? wrong.

    I heart candy too especially kettle corn with chocolate on top and kernels popcorn with double caramel. mmmmm can you tell where my head is at? :)