Monday, July 18, 2011

Ready for the Week!

I’m back!  I feel sooo much better this morning!

2011July 019

Had a tough couple of days with with cramps, but got plenty of rest and now I’m ready to tackle this week!

2011July 003

Friday was a decent day.  I was just starting to not feel very good, but it hadn’t hit me like a truck yet.  We had our date night.  We went to Wines by Jennifer for a wine tasting and some appetizers and then saw Bridesmaids!

2011July 015

We both thought Bridesmaids was just okay.  There are definitely some belly laugh moments, but there are some super slow moments as well.  Like I almost fell asleep a couple of times slow moments.

2011July 008

Saturday was when I got hit by a truck.  I barely left my bed.  I ended up missing Diana’s wedding because of it. Sad smile  I’m pretty sad about that. 

2011July 025

I felt a little better on Sunday, but so, so tired.  I did a lot of sleeping these past couple of days.  I also got caught up on Khloe and Lamar and The Kardashians.  I played a lot of Tetris on my computer and did some reading.

2011July 031

I am hoping everyone else had a much better weekend than I did!  I am sure looking forward to a super week.  That’s the one good thing about having the life sucked out of me for two days, I sure appreciate when my energy returns!

2011July 034

One thing I know for sure, I need some low carb days this week!

Happy Monday!


  1. Good Morning! Just stopping by to say hello! I've been on the road, but I have been reading your blog every single day from my iPhone. One of the things I have looked forward to! Chelsea

  2. Ah I love the Kardashians! Sorry to hear you had to miss the wedding, but I'm glad you're feeling better!!

  3. I feel like I have been out of the loop by not being in the blogging world!

    eek Im so sorry you're sick! hopefully doing better now!

    Competition was wonderful. but guess what...ended up being on TOM so that wasn't helpful! I'll post pictures this week

    lots of love : )