Monday, July 25, 2011

A Perfect Sunday

Whoa! I slept until 6:45am!!  I stayed up so late reading Pioneer Woman’s book, that I snoozed right past my normal 5am wake up.  It’s go go go now though!  I ran Sara up to the vet this morning. She is getting spayed. Poor thing.  I love our vet though.  The office is basically in our neighborhood.  Every one of our pets have gone to this doctor and I love all the techs there. So, it is comforting (for me) knowing I am leaving Sara in good hands today.  I am also having her microchipped.  Do you guys get your animals microchipped? (where they place a little microchip under their skin on the back of their neck and if they get lost, they can scan it and it gives their info)

2011July 010

I never liked the idea of the microchip before, but over the past couple of years and finding various dogs around my neighborhood, the first thing I thought was, if we don’t find their owner soon, I would take them to see if they were microchipped.  It got me thinking that if one of our dogs got loose, what would happen?  I don’t keep collars with tags on them and they don’t have microchips.  Next time Katy and Piper get their teeth cleaned, their getting microchipped.


I had the BEST Sunday!  The day started like every day starts around here.  Me drinking coffee, posting in my blog and reading others.  A couple days ago, I was reading Peanut Butter Fingers when she wrote about them eating pulled pork sandwiches and corn on the cob.  That post left me wanting that meal.  So, we picked up a pork roast and corn on the cob during our last trip to the store.  I had almost forgotten about it.  While reading her post yesterday morning, she mentioned being at her Mom’s house and they had pulled pork. PULLED PORK! I literally sprung out of my chair and raced to the kitchen.  The plan was to cook the pork in the crockpot so I needed to get it started.  We wanted it to cook 10 hours so it could get super tender. 

Once the pork was in the crock pot, went for a 5 mile run.  It was a beautiful morning.  We finally got a break in the heat wave and it was perfect running weather.

Per my Forerunner, my run looked like this:

  • Mile 1: 9:12
  • Mile 2: 8:37
  • Mile 3: 8:42
  • Mile 4: 9:02
  • Mile 5: 8:58

I know that’s slow for a lot of people, but that is FAST for me!  Look at all those miles ran in under 9 minutes!  *high five*

I grabbed the girls when I was done and took them on a long walk.

I waited longer than normal to eat my first meal because our cleaning girl was here cleaning and I didn’t want to get in her way.  I love that she comes on Sundays and we get to start our week with a clean house.

Meal #1 was egg whites with canadian bacon and a gluten free english muffin.

2011July 003

After that settled, I went downstairs and lifted weights.

The Workout

3 sets of 15 reps:

  • Weighted step ups – 15lbDB
  • Leg Press – 155lb
  • Flat bench – 30lb DB
  • Chest fly – 15lb DB
  • Seated, close grip, cable rows – 100lb
  • One armed rows – 30lb DB

Rest for a couple of minutes

3 sets of 15 reps:

  • Hammer curls – 15lb DB
  • Tricep dips – body weight
  • Lateral raises – 10lb DB

I was once again sweaty and hot, so it was time for a cool meal:

2011July 008

I finished making my salsa that I started the other day.  I added fresh cilantro and lime juice.  It is so good.

Meal #3: Chicken breast topped with home made salsa and asparagus.

2011July 014

I enjoyed an Edy’s Tangerine fruit bar for a snack.

The pork was finally done around 6pm!

2011July 017

It was perfect.  As soon as I touched it with a fork, it started falling apart!

Meal #4 was pulled pork with Gates BBQ sauce and corn on the cob (I went back for seconds on the corn on the cob!)!

2011July 019

It was so good!

Dessert was a spoon full of peanut butter topped with chocolate/peanut butter chips (plus one more spoon of peanut butter!)!

2011July 024

We settled in for the night and watched Big Brother and True Blood. Then I read my book until after midnight!

Happy Monday! Hope everyone has a great start to their week!


  1. Yay! You DID have a great day! Great run AND you have a cleaning lady?? Can I just say....JEALOUS!?! Around here, the cleaning lady is ME, lol. Maybe I should fire myself, haha!

  2. I just heart you and your blog so much ;-) I never miss a post no matter what I'm doing. I enjoy it that much! and I seriously need to take your lead and BLOG EVERYDAY!

  3. haha! I love your doggie's photo. They always crack me up. That was a great workout there missy! Keep it up!

  4. mmmmmmmmmm... pulled pork does sound yummy! I found a recipe a while back for something similar only I used chicken and a can of diet dr. pepper along with a few other ingredients. It was amazing...

  5. The pork looks divine!I can't wait to get back in the kitchen and cook some other meals!Till then I get to live vicariously thru you. ;)

  6. I slept in too this weekend...til 7-7:30ish! Yikes! Though I do like the weekend breaks from my 5am weekdays. I haven't gotten Archie microchipped, but I don't think I'm going to. My mom pointed out that it's only good if people actually take him to the SPCA to see if he is. But if some dishonest person finds him (if he gets away ever), he could be gone for good. I keep his collar on him, but my mom just recently got both him and Murdoch harnesses, so she takes the collars off for walks now.