Friday, July 22, 2011

No Hiding

I am in desperate need of some groceries.  I ate like crapola yesterday and I’m going to blame it on my lack of groceries.

2011July 076

When I was thinking about my blog post this morning, I was thinking I would just post animal pictures in place of the usual food pictures because I am so ashamed of what I ate yesterday.  But!  There is no hiding here.  Full disclosure.  I am a regular girl, living a regular life, it happens.

I have woke up the past two days feeling so tired and unmotivated.  I don’t know why I do this to myself. Ugh.  I only ran 3 miles yesterday before taking the girls for their walk because my legs felt like bricks and my head felt heavy.   I like waking up at 5am full of energy!  Yesterday and today it was 5:30am and I feel like a slug. (I know that’s still early, but it’s a definite sign of my body starting to drag.)  I like running 5 miles and feeling like I could run forever…not happening lately.

Breakfast was two brown rice cakes with peanut butter and jelly.  Which was supposed to be a post-run, pre-workout meal.  The workout part never happened.

2011July 002

Lunch was two soft tacos:

  • Black refried beans
  • Ground turkey taco meat
  • 75% fat free cheddar cheese
  • lettuce
  • salsa
  • two low carb wheat wraps (NOT gluten free)

2011July 005

I also took the tomatoes, onions and jalapenos I bought at the farmer’s market and threw them in the food processor for a bit, then added some of the mixture to the beans and some more to my tacos.  It added a little kick, but it didn’t have enough flavor to stand on it’s own.  I’ll grab some cilantro and a lime today to finish it off.

For dinner, I ate spaghetti again with buttery garlic bread (this is the meal that’s giving me a hangover!)  I have gluten free noodles in the pantry, but I was too lazy to boil them. Two days in a row of spaghetti with regular bread is sending my body into distress. 

2011July 032

I was craving something sweet and cold in the evening. So, Justin made a run for treats.  I’m not going to ever beat myself up about sweet treats.  I love sweets! What I am upset about is that I chose to eat spaghetti and wheat wraps on the same day as the following treats.  Too much!  2011July 010

When I keep it clean all day, I can have a candy bar or ice cream sandwich (or both Winking smile) and it won’t bother me.

2011July 011

When I pack it all into one day (or three days in a row), I wake up with a hang over.

2011July 015

Today, I am getting myself to Title Boxing, drinking a gallon of water and sticking to protein and veggies!  My body and mind do not feel good this morning and I am the only one in control of this ship.

Every choice matters.  For all you P90X-ers out there, it’s time to get the GUNK out!

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  1. i feel you on the whole eating bit! Ive been at a wedding and heading to Miami...and feeling guilty already for all the eats that I havent consumed yet...crazy right?