Sunday, July 3, 2011

Meet Sara

She’s the newest member of our family!  I went out to my Dad and Stepmom’s to help with my Stepmom (she’s home from her hip surgery) and I came home with a dog!

2011July 077

She’s a one year old beagle/lab mix.

2011July 067

She’s been living outside in a pin.

2011July 062

It has been bothering me for the past year that my Dad has had these puppies (along with several other dogs of his) living outside.

2011July 061

I just hadn’t been able to convince Justin that our lives were missing a puppy.  Yesterday, he finally agreed!

2011July 063

Sara was the smallest of the dogs, so I knew she was the one for us. (My Dad had already named her Sara and she seems to know it, so we are keeping it.)

2011July 065

Welcome Home, Sara!

2011July 070

Unfortunately, Katy and Piper are not as excited as we are.

2011July 071

I feel bad for Sara because Katy and Piper want nothing to do with her. She is a little scared of them and very submissive but they are not having it.  I know they will eventually warm up to her, but Sara so badly wants a dog friend right now.

2011July 072

She’s very sweet but very insecure.  She wants to be by our side every second.  She’s never been inside before so every little noise is new and a little scary.  The softness of the bed and couches makes her uneasy as well.  She can’t get her footing so as soon as she gets up there she lays down and scoots around on her belly.

It’s quite a change having a young dog around here.  We are all exhausted!

I can’t wait for the day that Katy and Piper accept her.  For now, Justin and I give her lots of snuggles and let her know that she is loved!

We had three dogs in the bed last night. (Justin started questioning what he had agreed to!)


  1. Too cute! And just so you know your blog is now my favorite! :) I am sure you've already mentioned this and I missed it - are you planning on doing another show? Happy Sunday :)

  2. Sara is precious & I know you guys are going to make her a very happy puppy! I bet Katy & Piper will warm up very soon!!

  3. The pics of the dogs in dad's pin are so sad :( I wish we could take one :( :( :(

    She has a great home now and will get used to everything and love it :)

  4. Congrats on the new edition to the family!

  5. So cute!! I love the cute puppy. And I too sleep with 3 dogs and wonder how we got to that point. But I love the sweet cuddles. ;-)

  6. Aw she's adorable! Congrats! Can't wait to read/see more about her :)

  7. Awe she is so cute!!! Sara is a lucky little doggie to have you guys as her new Mom & Dad. Piper and Katy will be fine once they see there's plenty of love to go around!!