Saturday, July 2, 2011

Meat Marathon

Yesterday started with a super HOT run.  I got out there around 7:10 am and jogged 5 miles.  I felt great while running, but I’m used to leashing up the girls and immediately taking them for a walk after I run. So, I have that time to cool off outside.  Well, I had taken them to the groomer’s, so I just came right inside after running  and pretty soon, I started not feeling so well.

2011July 029

I was over heated.  I splashed my face with cold water, drank some cold water, ate a banana while walking it off around the house.  I started feeling better after 10 or 15 minutes, but that was not fun.

2011July 026

Gotta sweat that puffy belly off! 

Actually, I completely understand that my belly is only going to go away through my diet and yesterday’s diet did not help things. It was another day spent at the hospital and no meal planning. Gah!

That banana was the only thing I ate before heading up to the hospital.  I was so busy getting everyone ready around here and myself ready, that I didn’t even think about it until I was in the car on the way up there.

I ate two donuts at the hospital and then my Dad got there and they released my Stepmom! Hurray! I had picked them both up sandwiches at Schlotsky’s because I knew they were both going to be tired and hot and cranky by the time they got home.  I had never been to Schlotsky’s before and those sandwiches looked pretty darn good.  So, I picked Justin and I up some on the way home.

2011July 031

They were tasty.  We followed our sandwiches up with an orange sorbet bar.

2011July 033

That Evening

We took my sister, Vann, and her fiancé, Matt, out for a fun couples night, mainly because we love hanging out with them, but also because Matt is building Justin a computer.

Wine + Beer + Food = Thank You!

We started the night off by checking out the flood in Parkville before going to Wines by Jennifer for a wine tasting.

2011July 001

It’s creeping in.

2011July 005

There is not supposed to be water there.

2011July 011

After our wine tasting, we headed down stairs to sit in the art gallery and drink our favorite bottle of wine from the tasting along with some cheeses.

2011July 012

Matt had spied a beer he had tasted before and Justin wanted in on it. So, next up, beer.

2011July 014

We headed to Em Chamas for dinner.  If you have never been there, it is a meat marathon! There is a gourmet food bar for all your side dishes.

2011July 017

For your meat, there are men that walk around with various types on swords and shave them off onto your plate. 

2011July 019

They give you these little buttons to place on your table.  If you want the meat to keep coming, you turn it to the blue side.

2011July 016

If you are done for a bit, you turn it over to the black side.

2011July 015

It was so fun!  It is a dining experience!  We all shared a couple of desserts, as well.

2011July 020

By the time we got back to our house, Vann and I were racing each other for some stretchy pants. Good thing I have a closet full!

2011July 022

It was an eventful day and a fun night!


  1. I love those pics! I have to steal them for my own blog and post on facebook. I think I will wear that dress more often I like how it look, hehe.

    The chicken in bacon & the beef with provolone were my favs!

  2. you guys looked like you had a really great time :) Missing my sister when I see you guys together!

    I really like your taupe coloured top. the picture of you with the Earring is really beautiful.

    PS thank you for your comments...I don't want fear to cripple me for sure (getting on stage) 2 weeks to go so hopefully i see more changes!