Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Long Night

Sara found her voice last night.

Katy and Piper sleep in the office in their bed during the week.  On the weekends we let them sleep in our bed.  All three dogs have been sleeping in our bed as we try to get Sara used to sleeping in doors.  Justin has not been sleeping well.  He is already a light sleeper and then with three (3) dogs in the bed, it was too much.  We had bought Sara her own bed and decided that all three dogs would sleep in the office last night.

2011July 003

Sara was not having it.  We heard a few whimpers and whines and then came the barks.  She doesn’t have the annoying beagle bark (yay!), she has the GREAT BIG, LOUD lab bark (yikes).  We didn’t let her bark for too long because we felt so bad for Katy and Piper, so in we went.  After getting everyone settled back down into their beds, we closed the door again and headed back to bed. The barking started back up right away.  So, we decided to rescue Katy and Piper from the mayhem and put them in our bed and try putting Sara in Katy’s old kennel.  We knew she would bark but at least she wouldn’t destroy the carpet by the office door as well.  The kennel was too small.

It was getting late and Justin and I were both tired and irritated by now.  We just wanted to get some sleep.  I ended up putting Sara’s bed on the floor on my side of the bed and MADE her stay in it.  I thought I was going to be up all night!  She finally wore herself out with trying to jump on the bed and went to sleep.  Justin is still sleeping.  Hopefully, he got a good night’s sleep without her in the bed and hopefully I have taught Sara where she sleeps. Hopefully.

Yesterday Morning

The morning started off so great!  I ran for a little under 4 miles.  Took the dogs for their walk, which went GREAT!  Took Sara to the vet for all her shots and a physical.  She got a clean bill of health so far.  Just waiting on the heart worm test results which should come today.

Justin and I left all three dogs loose in the house while we went to lunch and ran a couple of errands.  All three were still standing when we got home, nothing was destroyed and there were no potty accidents.  Success!

My plan for cleaning up diet yesterday, didn’t quite work as planned.  Today is a new day!

Meal #1: Greek yogurt, peach, granola

2011July 003

Meal #2: Gluten free English muffin, two whole eggs, three slices Canadian bacon

2011July 008

Meal #3: Grilled salmon salad at Bravo and some bread dipped in oil

2011July 023

2011July 025

Meal #4: Frozen Yogurt from Red Mango.  Healthier than Yogurtini, but not as good!  I chose dark chocolate and hazelnut froyo and topped it with cinnamon toast crunch cereal, m&m’s and dark chocolate mini chips.  Justin chose dark chocolate, coconut and pineapple froyo.

2011July 027

Meal #5 and 6: Salad, garlic bread and spaghetti with meat sauce

2011July 012

I forgot to take a picture of the spaghetti.  That bread was so freaking good!  Buttery and garlic-y. Mmmmm.

I hope today gets better.  To be honest, I am in a little funk this morning.    I am tired, haven’t been eating well and am a little stressed about Sara and Katy and Piper (and Justin). I know it hasn’t even been a week, it’s just such a huge adjustment for everyone and I am feeling the pressure on my shoulders.  I am the one that pushed to bring her home.  I sometimes get an “I need to save the world” attitude and now I’m feeling unsure if I made the right decision for our family.  I have a meeting today for our group home and another one next week and both of those are stressing me out as well.

I don’t like starting my day this way but I know I am the only one that can turn it around.  Hopefully a good sweat at Title Boxing this morning will make this all go away!

Wish me luck on getting out of my funk and wish us luck tonight with the sleeping arrangement! Winking smile


  1. I know exactly how you feel. A few years ago, my ten year old cat died of cancer. It was terrible. A few weeks later, in an attempt to make me feel better (I had had that cat before I met my husband), my husband found a tortoise kitten on FreeCycle (like a Craig's list).

    So I agree and we go get this 7-week old kitten that had been taken from her mom when she was probably ONE week. Stupid people. Anyway, she had this anxiety-suckling problem. No matter how you held her, all she would do is latch on, slobber, and suckle and milk tread. It was so sad and eventually became really annoying. We couldn't hardly touch her or hold her because all she would do is try to suckle.

    And then I felt awful, because I didn't want her. This was why they were giving her away, because they kinda messed her up. I was like, "Ohhhh nooooo I don't want this animal! What am I going to do??" I felt just terrible.

    But we stuck with it. We tried nursing her with little bottles and even got her a pacifier, which she carried around in her mouth for a while! LOL! We started giving her nose a little flick with our fingers when she'd try to suckle and eventually, she stopped! Well, sometimes she still tries, but she knows she's not allowed and that she'll get shoved off my lap if she starts.

    She's an awesome, unique little character now, and I'm so glad I/we persevered.

    Sorry this is so long, but you really will get through this. She just needs training and a little time to adjust. She has the cutest face. I want one just like her! :) Good luck!

  2. Aww I wouldn’t beat yourself up about it! you've been super stressed. You worked so hard and trained for so long! You've been eating pretty well a few meals/treats are ok. Tomorrow will be a better day!

  3. The salad is mixed with a healthy serving of fruits and vegetables.