Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Gooooood Morning!

I had such a fun day yesterday!  Too bad I am a bad blogger and only took ONE picture!  Gah!

If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, go do that now.

Welcome back.

After dropping Sara at the vet’s office, I had to quickly get my blog post done and then get everyone up and ready around here.  I totally forgot to eat before kissing Justin good bye for the day as I left for Title Boxing and he left to play golf with a friend.

Our friends, Chris and Jen and their two little girls, from San Francisco are in town.  Justin was playing golf with Chris and he shot me a text just as I sat down in the car after Title Boxing that Jen was interested in going to the Water Park.  Yes!

I immediately called her and then we met up and spent the rest of the day at the water park! It was so fun.  Her oldest is 3 years old and the water park through a 3 years old’s eyes is soooo fun! She squealed with glee down every slide, under every water fall, and up every step to go do it all again! 

Her youngest is 5 months old so we took turns with the girls.  It was such a fun day.

2011July 004

We arrived back at our house, ate a snack, chit chatted and then welcomed the guys home.  They were kissed by the sun and H-O-T (in both definitions of the word Winking smile)!

After Jen, Chris and the girls left, Justin and I shared our stories of the day and then it was time for some dinner!

Left over pulled pork and corn on the cob!

2011July 002

My other meals, yesterday, consisted of:

Meal #1: oats with protein powder and a banana

Meal #2: Chips and cheese (at the pool)

Meal #3: Protein Ice Cream

I settled in for the evening with my book written by Pioneer Woman and read until way too late.

By the way, our sweet Sara’s surgery went well and I picked her up yesterday afternoon. Smile


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