Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday and Friends

Well that was frustrating!  I typed up an entire post and then Live Writer wouldn’t let me post it or save it and before I knew what happened I deleted it! *waves fist at computer*

Oh well, that just gave me the opportunity to fill my coffee cup back up and now I’m writing this new post from our screened in porch.  It’s a beautiful morning!  Grey, overcast skies, humid, but its cooler and there is a nice breeze. I’ll take what I can get if it means I can sit outside!

Okay, so back to yesterday!

I started the day with procrastination! It was raining when I woke up, so I scratched running outside off my list immediately.  Then I got busy with my marathon blog posts and that took quite a long time. When Justin woke up, we drank coffee and talked about his night, which I hadn’t heard about yet because I was asleep when he got home!  We talked straight through my normal cardio hour. Darn. 

After getting everyone up and out of here for the day, I made some Godwin Bars.

2011July 001

Which I promptly burned my fingertips on trying to crumble one into yogurt.

2011July 009

Read blogs (this one was so funny: And that’s why you should learn to pick your battles.), kept procrastinating, even did laundry to avoid exercising. blah blah blah. Ate again.

2011July 010

It was now afternoon and I really needed to get some sort of sweat going, so I did what always motivates me….trying on clothes.  After about 45 minutes of trying on different outfits and deciding on one for our date night, I was ready to get on the elliptical!  Aaaahh, it really did feel so good.

2011July 015

Date Night

The outfit.  Tank, pencil skirt and necklace purchased at 40% off at The Loft!

2011July 0232011July 022

Wines by Jennifer for a tasting, bottle of wine, appetizers.

2011July 035

2011July 037

2011July 038

Met friends, Kelli and Russ, at Ixtapa for dinner and beers.

2011July 0392011July 040

Met Chris and Jen at O’Dowd’s for more beers and great conversation on the rooftop.  It was a beautiful night to be outside.  We got sprinkled on a couple of times but didn’t even care.  Everything was too perfect to let a couple of rain drops mess with our night!  It was Chris and Jen’s last night before heading back to San Francisco.  We will miss them.

2011July 0432011July 042

It was after midnight when we crawled into bed!  Since I’m normally in bed around 9pm, I felt very cool about rolling in at that time of night. I was a party animal.

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  1. Sounds like a great time, and you looked beautiful!