Thursday, July 7, 2011

Every Day is Better

Every day with Sara gets a little better and a little less stressful.  The girls are still trying to cope, but I can tell they are less stressed about it.  We got the good news from the vet that she does NOT have heart worms. Whew. 

She finally started eating and had a lot more energy yesterday.  Actually played with toys!

2011July 006

She got her first bath last night.  That was not an easy task, not sure if I’ll do that again.  Justin had to take over mid way.  She wanted OUT OF THAT TUB! Her bath kind of lightened the mood for Katy and Piper, though, and they wanted to play with her when she came out of the bathroom, in all her soaking wet glory.  They even attempted to play with her with a toy.  They weren’t fully committed but the interest was definitely there!

Okay, enough about my life with three dogs.

It’s really a lot more interesting then anything else I did yesterday, though.

My day started with Greek yogurt and Udi’s Vanilla Granola:
2011July 004

I took the girls for their walk, which went amazing!  They are like different dogs when we are all walking.  Maybe I just need to walk around for like 2 weeks!

My plan was to go to Title Boxing, but honestly, I was in such a funk, I just wanted to get some work done and check some things off my list.  We had a meeting at our house yesterday afternoon, so I just wanted to get all my ducks in a row for that. We headed out to get some errands ran and ended up grabbing breakfast at Mimi’s, which equals french toast to me. Dee-lish!

For Meal #3, I ended up eating left over spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread. Just…meh.

Meal #4: Chicken, brown rice with peas and carrots and a fried egg. Tasted so yummy and it felt good to eat some real food.

2011July 009

I also shared some Hilly-Billy chips and cheese with Justin.  If you are unfamiliar with this meal it is:

  • one can of cheese (left over from pre-competition purchase when I was crying over nachos!)
  • juice from jar of jalapenos (and a couple of slices of jalapeno)
  • Lay’s Wavy Potato Chips

Notice I only take pictures of meals I feel good about?! Winking smile 

I am feeling much better this morning.   The girls slept in their room (aka the office), in their bed and Sara slept in her bed, on the floor, next to my side of the bed.  She’s getting better.  She still got up about every two hours and tried to sneak into our bed or wander around the house.  We’ve decided that until she gets a little older and understands bed time, she is not allowed in our bed at all.  If we go lay in our bed to watch a movie, she has to lay in her bed. It seems unfair and we both felt a little bad about it, but we feel like we are sending her mixed signals by sometimes allowing her in our bed and then other times not.  So, for right now, Sara only lays in her bed, not ours.

It’s raining out this morning, so I’m headed down to the elliptical to get this body moving!

French toast, spaghetti, garlic bread and chips with cheese all in one day are not getting me closer to my goals!


  1. Im so glad Miss Sara is getting all settled in with you guys. Mister AJ thinks he's the boss around here and barks at me when he wants me to do something HIS way. lol. Don't worry to much about your "dirty food". It's baby steps ;-) One meal at a time and you'll be back on track before you know it! XOXO

  2. Your stories about getting Sara to sleep in her own bed without whining remind me of when I was getting Archie to sleep in his "room" (his crate). It's tough! But I'm sure Sara will get the hang of her bed in no time!!

  3. See? Take it day by day! :) and a little tough love isnt such a bad thing right?

    You'll get on track you will. I know it. Mind of matter….Maybe you need to set another goal. Perhaps not a competition, but like a 30 day goal something that you can achieve in the short term?

  4. I can finally comment again. I guess Sara wasn't such a bad idea. Eight weeks until Puerto Rico, seven weeks until my BIRTHDAY WEEK!!11!!1