Friday, July 8, 2011

Cleaned it Up!

Look what is happening over here this morning:

2011July 039

Look at that mess of a bed.  I don’t even know how a bed for two little dogs became a giant pile of pillows and blankets.  It takes up the entire floor of our office.  Maybe we knew there would need to be room for a third one day. Winking smile


I had the best day yesterday!  I finally cleaned it up! whew.  I felt so good all day and had my energy back!  It feels so good to eat well and exercise.

It was raining yesterday morning, so no walk for the dogs and no running outside for me.

I started the day off with a hot and sweaty 30 minute session on the elliptical.  When I got done, I headed straight for the Vitamix and blended up some cool and creamy protein ice cream:

2011July 014

Oh baby, did that hit the spot.  Next up, was some greek yogurt with granola.

2011July 002

I was still hungry, so I ate one brown rice cake and some almond butter.

2011July 004

We needed to run to the grocery store but first we headed down to Parkville to check on the flooding.  It is higher than last weekend.

2011July 0292011July 024

It is crazy to go back a week later and see how much higher it is. This was a parking lot. See the stop sign and handicap signs?

2011July 035

When we got home. We were ready for a snack.  Luckily, we were hungry at the grocery store and bought these:

2011July 007

Organic + dark chocolate = health food

In my efforts to get back to food that makes me feel and function well, I decided to make the meal that I enjoyed the most during prep. Shrimp stir fry topped that list.

2011July 008

When I got snacky, I ate some gluten free pretzels with roasted red bell pepper hummus.

2011July 017

Justin ran out to my sister’s place last night to pick up his new computer that our future brother-in-law built for him.  On his way home, he let me know he was in the mood for a protein-y snack, not a meal for dinner.  So, I used the left over shrimp from the stir fry and whipped up some cocktail sauce:

  • Hunt’s ketchup (no high fructose corn syrup)
  • creamy horseradish
  • lemon
  • worchestershire sauce

2011July 018

I ate on this with him and then figured I needed something else since this was supposed to be his DINNER!  I warmed up some stir fry!

2011July 022

Then we settled in and watched BIG BROTHER!  I love that show! So excited it’s back.  Justin watched it with me, even though he was dying to get his new computer set up!  As soon as it was over, he high tailed it to the office and got that bad boy going.  Justin is a gamer and this computer is a gamer’s dream!  I may not see him for a week.


  1. How funny, I told Joshua yesterday that I was in the mood for some JUMBO Shrimp! Looks so yummy....

  2. I LOVE Big Brother too! I was so excited to see Jeff & Jordan back!

  3. looks like you're back on track :P :)

    mmm the shrimp looks yummy!