Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wind Damage & Wine

I am up bright and early this  morning (4:15am to be exact)!  My StepMom is having hip replacement surgery this morning, so I am heading up to the hospital in a bit to hang out with her before she goes in.  I think my Dad is more nervous than my StepMom!  My sisters are heading up as well.  Maybe we can be a good distraction while she waits.

2011May 016

Monday Madness

Yesterday started with realizing that one of our Bradford Pears had been damaged by high winds . 

2011June 002

I comforted myself with my super delicious breakfast: oats, vanilla ice cream protein powder and a peach.  It was like eating peach cobbler for breakfast!

2011June 018

Then it was time for Title Boxing and boy, could I tell I hadn’t been in a couple of weeks.  It kicked my butt!  I am sooooore this morning! Love it.

Meal #2 was an egg white sandwich.

2011June 011

We met Justin’s Dad and Stepmom for lunch.  I had the Walnut Blue Salad with chicken and forgot to take a picture.  It was exactly how it sounds….delicious!  Along with the walnuts, blue cheese and chicken, it also had spinach, romaine and strawberries.

After lunch, we hit up the grocery store and then it was time for some Yogurtini!  I really just go for the candy!

2011June 051

See how I’m slowly converting Justin?  He chose chocolate and red velvet cake yogurts and topped them with chocolate sauce!!  He’ll be piling on the candy before you know it! bwaahahahaha!

I decided to try making the Quinoa Granola recipe from Clean Eating Chelsey.

2011June 016


2011June 017

I will still eat it.

It actually still had good flavor, but it will be so much better when I make it again and don’t burn it!

For dinner, we had left over burgers, of which I did not take a picture!  With my burger, I ate some raw broccoli and cucumbers with Newman’s Own Oil/Vinegar dressing.

Dessert was a Coconut Bliss bar. (Evidently, I was in the mood for some ice cream yesterday!)

2011June 019

And some wine out in the screened in porch.  It was a beautiful night last night.  We had to get out there and enjoy it!

2011June 029

2011June 0212011June 023

And so did Katy, Piper and Brutis!

2011June 0082011June 0372011June 049

We finished off the bottle of wine inside so we could watch Master Chef.  We are so into it!


  1. Yes!! I'm finally able to read your blog post and make comments without having to rush off and do something else. I have been so busy but I always read your post daily! YUM to the yogurt! I tried to get Joshua to take to have some last night but he wasn't going for it since we just started on our new diets. BOOO!

    I hope everything went well with your Step Mom!!

  2. thanks for pointing me to clean eating chelsea! now on my blog roll of what I read :)