Tuesday, June 14, 2011

White Jeans

Yesterday started off with Title Boxing!  I am still loving that class.  I have to peel my soaking wet clothes off my body as soon as I get home.  Love that.  I also love that throughout the class the instructor yells “MOVE YOUR ASS!”  For some reason, that’s very motivating.

I came home and ate two brown rice cakes with peanut butter and jelly:

2011June 001

I was still hungry, so I ate two boiled eggs:

2011June 005

I made a batch of Godwin bars before we headed out for some errand running and lunch.  We made a quick stop at Justin’s Dad’s house to see their new floors and give his Stepmom her birthday gift and then went to Noodle & Co.   I powered down an entire regular size bowl of noodles before Justin even hit the half way point!  I didn’t even feel full!  My body ate that food up!

2011June 020

After a trip to the grocery store, and Justin having to talk me out of candy bars like five times, I was wanting something sweet.  There is a new bakery that opened up in our area and their sign (not the one I took a picture of!) said they have cake balls!  I wanted one! 

2011June 023

Justin did not want to go to the bakery, and then once there, did not want to go in.

2011June 021

He left with a lemon cupcake.  As we walked out, he says to me, “How did we walk out of there with you getting 40 calories and me 300?”  Oh, the perils of being married to a sweet tooth!

2011June 022

By the way, the cake ball was yummy!  (and so was half of Justin’s cupcake Winking smile)

The main thing I learned from reading J’s Everyday Fashion blog is that I needed a new pair of white jeans!  Instead of making Justin die a slow death while I went on the hunt for white jeans that make my butt look perfect and my legs long and amazing, I dropped him at the house and headed out on my own.  Since my summer shirts are the only thing that fit me from last year, along with a handful of dresses, I needed a good summer base to wear them both casual and dressy.  White jeans are the perfect base! 

I started at The Loft because that is my favorite store.  Everything always fits perfect.  I purchased the white boyfriend jean.  I love my regular boyfriend jeans, so I know I will wear these to death! I also bought a cute summer dress and belt.  I’ll post pics as I wear them.  Since, The Loft was the first store I went to, I ran to several more stores to try on their jeans to make sure I had picked the perfect pair for me (this is the part of shopping with me that drives Justin crazy!).  The Loft jeans were still the chosen pair! 

Next, I will be on the hunt for the perfect white pencil skirt! Let me know if you come across one!

On my way home, I called Justin, who informed me he could go for another bowl of Noodles & Co., ME TOO!  Only this time, I had not just done an hour of Title Boxing and I barely made it half way through my bowl before calling it quits. Shopping evidently does not burn as many calories as boxing.  (Justin and I also split one of their giant cookies.  Okay, we split two of their giant cookies, so I actually ate a whole giant cookie. Half chocolate chip/Half snicker doodle). 

Tomorrow we head to Northern Indiana to visit some friends for five days.  I can’t wait!


  1. I love looking at your food I mean ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! :)

    I am hosting a brunch party post competition and guess what? I ordered or am in the process of ordering cupcakes for it!

    Strawberry lemonade and something chocolate for sure :)

    Noodles look yummy :)

    and I want a rice cake!

  2. MMMM Cake Balls!!! Joshua was dying for a Birthday Cupcake yesterday but we both resisted. Looking at it is sometimes just as rewarding for us! Thx for the pics!!!

  3. That cake ball looks AMAZING!!! Awesome!! :-)

  4. Looks like a day full of deliciousness!

  5. LOVE the Loft white boyfriend jeans! Right now I'm having a hard time fitting into bottoms there though :( I'm also between sizes, but at least that keeps me from buying everything! I can't wait to see what dress & belt you bought!!