Thursday, June 23, 2011

Road Trip

Yesterday started with a bowl of oats with protein powder.

2011June 002

And a 4 mile run.  It felt great to run after two days of feeling like a lump.  I came home and Justin and I took the girls for a walk. It was a beautiful day.  A little cool front has moved in and I’m not complaining about it!

We had a couple of errands to run, but first lunch.  Justin wanted sushi, but they were not open yet, so we settled on Houlihan’s.  I got the chipotle chicken enchiladas with beans and rice and a house salad.  It was surprisingly good.  The enchiladas were small and not smothered in cheese.  Nothing was greasy.


After running our errands, I ate a chicken breast and some brussel sprouts.

2011June 012

While at the grocery store, these ended up in my cart.

2011June 020

It says LOW FAT! Winking smile   By the way, how do you eat your skittles?  I pick out one of each color and eat them all at one time!  Fruit explosion!

2011June 004

And I kiss my Twizzlers before I eat them! (not.)

I figured I better get something substantial in my belly before I ended up in a sugar coma.  So, I had a chicken breast and spinach with Newman’s Own Olive Oil and Vinegar.

2011June 016

While purchasing some almonds in the bulk aisle and some almond butter (I have a vitamix, so it is totally ridiculous that I buy that, but I was being lazy), a man decided to talk to Justin and I.  First, he overheard me tell Justin I was grabbing some almond butter so he told me about a store that has a machine that you can make your own almond butter on the spot.  I was like…awesome. thanks. quit talking to me.  Then, since he wasn’t getting enough attention from me, he decided to chat it up with Justin. He told him about a tasty little treat which made Justin high tail it over to the frozen section and purchase these

2011June 021

Now I am hoping we run into this man every time we go to the store so he can give us more tips on treats.  These were delicious!  You all need to run to the store immediately, buy a box and don’t tell anyone else in your house about them.

2011June 023

We are headed out on a road trip this morning to Iowa.  Justin’s Grandmother has passed away and we are headed up to be with the family and celebrate her life.  She was a beautiful, funny, smart, caring, loving woman and will be dearly missed.  We will hold the memories and her love in our hearts forever.

2011June 024

I am packing a cooler with plenty of food, so we are not dependent on convenience store or fast food while on the road and in the hotel.

2011June 019

Starting on the left: Godwin bars, raw broccoli, almonds, chicken breast, beef jerky (per Justin’ request), cucumbers, almond butter, rice cakes, two different kinds of Nut Thins and Fiber One bars (also per Justin’s request)  We should be set!

I better get moving.  I want to get a run in before we head out on the road!


  1. lol I eat my skittles one colour at a time!
    you cannot mix them!

    I cannot wait to make the Godwin bars SO many treats are just a matter of weeks away~

    any plans for another competition? :P

  2. I just can't eat the protein powder. Maybe one day I'll find one I can tolerate. I really need to because I'm always just a little shy of where I need to be protein wise unless I eat chicken breasts non-stop from sun up to sun down. The brussel sprouts look family hates it when I cook them because they think they stink. I think they smell just fine!

  3. As Anthony Bourdain says "food porn". I want some of those coconut bliss bars!! =)