Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I started yesterday off with some Chobani vanilla with a couple Godwin Bars (the ones I made cookie size).

2011June 001

I was still not feeling well yesterday, but I didn’t want to spend another day in bed.  So, I got busy on our office.  I cleaned and organized it from top to bottom.  It took all day and a large trash bag.

I took a little break from cleaning to eat eggwhites and gluten free toast.

2011June 003

Organizing the office led me to my box of paid bills, which led me to purging anything older than 7 years.  I had bills and receipts from 2000!

2011June 005

Out came the shredder.  Good thing I was mostly done with the cleaning part, because this took forever!!  I still have some bank statements to shred today! Geesh.

Justin was golfing and wanted to stop at Subway again on his way home. This time I requested a salad with turkey breast.

2011June 008

Who knew Subway had spinach?  I wonder if you can request that for your sandwich instead of ice burg?  I was aiming for a gluten free day.  I ate way too much gluten last week and I think that’s contributing to me feeling crappy and run down.

I had stuck some chicken in the oven earlier in the day and since that salad didn’t contain enough protein, about an hour later I was hungry again.

2011June 012

A chicken breast with some BBQ sauce took care of that.  Then it was back to shredding.

2011June 006

I got a hankerin’ for something sweet later in the afternoon, so I fixed myself some cinnamon/sugar toast.

Dinner was a chicken salad.

2011June 014

Not a very exciting day.  I am still not feeling 100% this morning, but I am making myself go to Title Boxing.  I need to burn some calories and get rid of this water my body is retaining!