Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Natural Cut with Sea Salt

Thank you for all the positive comments about the new look of my blog!  I love it and I’m so glad you guys love it too!  I still have a lot of work to do, like updating the Favorite Meals page, but it’s shaping up! 

It was a HOT one here yesterday!  After the winter we had, I am not complaining!  I love stepping outside, at 5am, and it’s already 75 degrees! LOVE SUMMER!

I started my day with a cup of yogurt and a Godwin bar crumbled in it and AGAIN I ate it before getting a picture!  I WILL get a picture today! So, here’s the staged one again:

2011June 002

I got busy making pancakes and more Godwin bars (my friend’s protein/energy bar recipe – I need to get permission from her and then I’ll post it) as we were going to be gone for the day. 

We were heading to the golf course!  I ate two Godwin bars before we left.

As soon as we got everyone up and out of here, we were on our way! 

2011June 0102011June 011

What a fun day!  I am still terrible, but am learning a lot from Justin every time we go.  This is the face of a very patient man.

2011June 022

It’s so nice just being outside, and the only thing we are thinking about or talking about is what we are doing right then…golf.  We saw TWO black snakes! (here is one of them)

2011June 008

And some geese that were napping.  I skipped this hole because I was supposed to tee off right where they were sleeping.  I felt bad.

2011June 018

I ate continuously as we played this time. Last time, I was tired and pooped out by the 9th hole because I waited until then to eat.  This time, I kept the fuel coming and felt good all day.  I was still tired by the end, but nothing like last time! I ate the Godwin Bars I had packed:

2011June 019

Oat/Egg white pancakes and a banana.  I also packed and ate an orange but didn’t get a picture of it.

2011June 021

What he ate at the 9th Hole, what I ate:

2011June 015

On our way home, though, I was tired and didn’t feel like fixing dinner, so we stopped at Wendy’s to get dinner for our group home clients and I got these:

2011June 003

They say Natural-cut with Sea Salt, and they changed their box to earth tones, that means they are healthy right? I ate them with a left over chicken breast, which I dipped in BBQ sauce. GAH!

I snacked on some almonds a little later and then fixed some egg whites and roasted green beans:

2011June 005

I was asleep by 9pm (well, until someone called me at 9:15p…Hi Mom! Winking smile).

Enjoy your Tuesday!  I can’t wait for today to be over and tomorrow to come!  Tomorrow is a BIG deal around here! Can’t wait to tell you why!


  1. I love Protein Pancakes! Have you tried mixing your banana into the mix?! That's my fav (with a little cinnamon) :)

    Baby Fu

  2. YAY, I can post a comment! Go me! LOVE the new page! And I don't know about you but I am SO not impressed with those Wendy's fries. I think they taste horrible. Wendy's used to be my favorite fast food fries (which I might eat once or twice a year, tops) but now, no thanks!

  3. BabyFu: I have not tried putting banana in the mix, but I am going to now! Thanks for the idea!

    Lisa: Nope, not impressed with the fries. There really aren't any french fries that I am impressed with though. I think I was really after the SALT! I should have just came home and ate a pickle! :)