Monday, June 20, 2011


It’s always nice to come home.  There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed after being gone for four nights.  We had a great time visiting our friends.  It is so great to have friends that no matter how much time passes in between our visits, it’s like we just saw each other yesterday and we pick right up from where we left off.

2011Indiana 024

Yep, that’s probably where we left off…with a gin and tonic!

They are both health conscious people, so I was able to get my workouts in every day.  Like I said in my previous post, on Thursday, I ran with Sarah and went to the gym with Brad.  On Friday, I just went to the gym with Brad and then, while Justin and Brad played golf, Sarah taught me to paddle board!


I fell in love.  I am ready to buy a paddle board and find some open water to paddle around in!  We laid around on the beach for a couple of hours and then grabbed a sandwich at a cute little local place in Chesterton, IN, called the Red Cup. It was a grilled mozzarella, tomato, spinach and pesto sandwich.  I had mine with a glass of wine.

2011Indiana 034

That evening they took us to this great pizza place.

2011Indiana 036

The pizza was Napoleon style.  It had a super thin, cracker crust, the perfect amount of tomato sauce (or depending on the pizza, none at all) and the perfect amount of cheese.  There was only one size, 12-14”, so we ordered four and shared.

2011Indiana 037

This is what was left!  We chose a tomato/basil/mozzarella, a mushroom, a prosciutto/rosemary/pine nut, and a sausage/pepperoni. They were all so good!

Saturday, I ran with Sarah again in the morning. Justin and Brad did a Sailboat race and Sarah and I headed to the Farmer’s Market. We met up with the guys when the race was over and ate our left over pizza in the car.  That was not enough food, so we headed to grab an appetizer (I had the veggie quesadilla) before heading out to do some wine tasting.

2011Indiana 040

2011Indiana 041

We ended at the Round Barn.  They also have a nice beer selection, so after the wine tasting, we headed over to the other building to get some beer.

2011Indiana 052

They were not offering beer tastings since it was the weekend, so I chose to get two half glasses.  I chose the Amber Ale and the Grape Expectations.  I loved them both.  I was really surprised by the grape one.  It had just a hint of grape at the end.

2011Indiana 051

I bought this dress at a boutique (Ella Bella) before we headed into the Farmer’s Market earlier in the day.  I am in love with it.

2011Indiana 055

For dinner, they took us to Wheatberry.

2011Indiana 056

Brad is from Kansas City, so he is very picky about BBQ and he said we had to try this place.  It was the only place he has found in that area that is comparable (not better, comparable Winking smile).  It was very good!  We all shared a salad with goat cheese and some chicken wings for our appetizer.

2011Indiana 059

The chicken wings were good, but the salad stole the show.

For dinner, I had the pulled pork plate and their spicy BBQ sauce.  On the side was sweet potato fries and cole slaw. It was really tasty.

2011Indiana 061

Sunday, was our last day. They have a beautiful sail boat, so we went sailing!  It was my first time and I loved it! 

2011Indiana 071

Here Brad would want me to tell you it’s a 1977 Bristol 29.9.  I know nothing about boats, so to me it was beautiful and relaxing and fun to see our friend’s doing what they love to do.

2011Indiana 095

Their friend and neighbor, Craig, joined us and took this picture:

2011Indiana 097

We hated to say goodbye, but we had a great trip!

2011Indiana 088


  1. Wow what a wonderful way to spend your weekend! Love all your pictures :-)

  2. Oh wine tasting! and your ella bella dress is so nice!
    Glad you had a great weekend splurging but at the same time staying on track :)

  3. what a great trip! I know you had SO much fun. Paddle boarding looks like so much fun! Very impressed that you did that! :)

  4. Oh it looks like you had so much fun. All of the yummy food/drink pics just made my dinner look LAME! How are you liking your Garmin... I am LOVING mine =) Have a good week!!!

  5. sounds like a lot of fun. love your photos and love that dress !!!!!

  6. What a gorgeous dress! And all that food looks TDF!! I'm glad you had a great time! P.S. Just catching up on blogs from this past week (so many!!!), so I know this seems kinda late :)