Saturday, June 25, 2011

Home Again

We drove home last night and got in late.  We had planned to stay one more night in Iowa and drive back this morning, but once the funeral was over and we had visited with family, we were ready to get home.  It was nice to sleep in our bed.

2011June 004

Justin was a pallbearer along with his sister and the rest of their cousins.  (He’s playing a little Angry Birds in the hotel before we had to leave for the funeral.)

2011June 008

Funerals are always filled with mixed emotions.  Everyone is sad about their loss, but the WHOLE family always shows up, so everyone is happy to see each other.  The past couple of days were no different.  There was lots of laughing and lots of crying.  We are both exhausted. After the funeral, we met up over at Justin’s cousin’s house to unwind, eat and have a couple drinks.

I really enjoyed hearing Justin’s family share their favorite memories of their Grandmother and each other growing up.  I wish I would have taken more pictures!  It was one of those occasions, when it’s the perfect time to get pictures because everyone is there, but then it seems awkward because of the occasion for which we are all there.  I know a couple of the other cousins got some pictures, so I’m going to get my hands on those.

2011June 009

I got in a 30 minute run before we left on Thursday and then Friday morning I got in a 20 minute run.  Just enough to get the sweat moving and wake my mind and body up.

I am ready to get back on a schedule today with food and exercise.  I didn’t even know what day it was when I woke up this morning!

Happy Saturday!


  1. Glad to have you back! Everyone has been talking about this Angry Birds game I need to find out what its about.

    PS thank you sooo much for your lovely words on the blog. They've been so wonderful and give me a lot of strength :)

    lovely to have you in my corner!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about Justin's Grandmother. We just came home from a funeral and it truly makes you appreciate life and what it has to offer!