Thursday, June 30, 2011

Heat Advisory

Whoa. It’s H-O-T and it’s only 6am!


I didn’t end up going to Title Boxing because I wanted to get to the hospital and check on my StepMom.  I brought her some flowers and food for snacks.  She’s not feeling the heavy hospital meals they are brining her, so I brought some deli turkey and a cucumber/tomato/onion/broccoli salad for her lunch.  I also grabbed some donuts, cookies, peanut butter crackers and Chex mix for her to snack on.  She is more of a snacker then a big meal eater, so she’s more likely to eat that stuff then what they are serving from the cafeteria.

I started my day off with oats, protein and a peach!

2011June 004

Next up was an egg white/canadian bacon omelet on a gluten free english muffin.

2011June 002

At the hospital, I made myself a turkey sandwich and then over the four hours I was there ate a couple of donuts, some chex mix and some cookies.


It’s amazing how exhausted I was after hanging out at the hospital all day.  I was trying to talk myself out of Taco Bell AGAIN, but it didn’t work yesterday.  I ate tacos.


Gotta get my running shoes on and try to beat the real heat that is settling over us.  There’s a heat advisory for today! Yikes!

I also plan to hit the weights and then run back up to the hospital.  We have a little grocery shopping that needs to be done as well.  I’m in need of yogurt and almond milk!  That is practically an emergency!


  1. that omlette in the english muffin looks like heaven to me right now! lol

  2. Breaddddd cant wait to find gluten free products in 16 days! OMG!

  3. yum your breakfast looks so good!! i need to pick up some peaches while they're in season!