Friday, June 3, 2011

Great News!

I purchased my own domain name today!! 

You can still come here for the next couple of days and then it will start directing you to my new account!

I am so excited!  I felt like I needed a new name since I am moving past “My Journey to Becoming a Figure Competitor” and into regular life again.  (Plus that name was soooo long!) Since everyone knows me as my username “karatenurse” (and after some input from my advisors), I figured why not go with who I am.

Even though I am not currently training in Kenpo Karate anymore, I earned my 3rd Degree Black Belt and will always feel like karate is a part of who I am.  Karate gave me so much of my confidence and self esteem as I grew up through my 20’s.  It taught me: “The goals that we set, are the goals that get met.”  And “Whatever it Takes”! It also taught me about pushing through fear while physically and mentally striving to find my “edge”.  Those lessons came in very handy during my comp prep!

Being a Registered Nurse is part of my daily life and probably the biggest part of my personality.  I have always been the “care taker”, the responsible one, the goal setter, the list writer, the CONTROL FREAK!  (Every nurse has a little control freak in them!)  Being a nurse and taking care of others is who I am through and through and it is what I love to do most!  Because of this, it’s why I work so hard on taking good care of myself.  I am a true believer that if you take good care of yourself, you are more available to take good care of others!

I am KarateNurse!  *high five*


  1. YEAH!! congrats on your domain!

  2. Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while and love your updates! You're so diligent with your pics of your food - it's great! And you looked fab on your show date!! It was funny because all of this time I thought your "girls" were children and when you would say you were out walking with the girls I pictured you with a stroller... but really they are your pets right? LOL!
    And I'm assuming you have a gym at home? Ever gonna show us? :) WE'd love to see! Okay maybe just me! :)
    Keep up the excellent blogs! Love 'em!

  3. I LOVE IT!!!! My husband always calls you Karen the nurse lol!! He miss read karatenurse and ever since then he just keeps calling you karen the nurse. I love him lol. What's even weirder is that I feel like you and I share the same brain sometimes.... Last week and all this weekend Joshua has been working on my new website! Called! Pretty catchy huh? I cant wait to get it up and going! GO US!

  4. Miss Michelle: Yes, the "girls" are my two little schnauzers. Yes, we have a home gym. I have posted pics here and there, but I'll include some more in a post pretty soon so you can see what I'm working with. :)

    Britney: How exciting about your new website! I love that name! Can't wait to see it!