Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Busy, Busy

Good Morning! What day is it?

I woke up bright and early and feeling great, but I had to lay there and figure out what day it was!  Was it Saturday? One of the weekdays?  Then I started moving and oh, yeah, I’m sore from Title Boxing and that was Monday, yesterday was my StepMom’s surgery so that was Tuesday.. Wednesday, today is Wednesday!  Nothing like a little puzzle to figure out at 5:20am!

A Busy Day
Yesterday started at 4:15am.  I hopped out of bed ready to get the day going. I’m sure I was so raring to go because I was a little nervous for my StepMom.  (She had her surgery yesterday)  I drank some coffee, updated my blog, got sucked into my computer for too long which made me have to hustle to the hospital.  I hadn’t packed any meals for the day.


So I grabbed some granola for the road.

I visited with my sisters, dad and one of my brothers for an hour or so after she went into surgery and then I had to get going.  I had a wax (I’m hooked on the brazilian now) and a facial to get to.

I ate more granola on the way home. Half the bag is gone now.

All the physical changes I have been putting my body through over the past month (or two) is now coming out in my FACE!  About two weeks after the competition I started breaking out.  Not just a couple of pimples here and there….and full bumpy face.  Like I was going through puberty again or something.   I lost my period for the last two months of prep and finally got it back this month.  So, my hormones have been trying to adjust.  I definitely sent my body into crisis mode there at the end of prep.   On top of that, all the makeup and spray tan my face isn’t used to…I bought a different cleanser to try….I’ve been eating too much sugar.  So many changes that my body is trying to deal with and it’s all coming out through my face! ugh.

I grabbed a quick bite at home before heading to the salon (yogurt bowl-yogurt, Godwin bars, banana)

My facial yesterday was wonderful!  My skin already looks clearer this morning.  After my facial and wax, I ran home to let the girls out and then headed to get my hair cut.

I was s-t-a-r-v-i-n-g by the time I got done, so I did the only thing a person not in competition prep can do, CHIPOTLE!

Rice, beans, the whole shabang. I ate the whole thing in about 5 seconds.

Justin was just getting home from playing golf with his dad, so we had a few minutes to catch each other up on our days, before I headed back up to the hospital.

I spent another 3 hours or so up there visiting with the fam and making sure those nurses were taking good care of my Stepmom. ;)

I was pretty hungry when I left and talked myself out of stopping at Taco Bell a hundred times before I got home.

It worked and I ate a left over burger with BBQ sauce and some NutThins instead.

I also enjoyed a Coconut Bliss bar!

Today is going to be a beautiful summer day!  Enjoy!


  1. oh Chipotle!The first time I had it was when I was visiting NYC.

    They finally opened on in Toronto (4.5 hrs from where I live) where my parents are so when I visit them in mid july, guess where the whole family will be going ;)

    Hope your step-mom is doing well!

  2. So cool that Chipotle is in Toronto now! I didn't know they were that successful. I'm actually having Chipotle today since it's my refeed day and I figured it out how to fit it in during contest prep... I can kick myself for not thinking about it before!

    That bar looks like heaven!

    Your face does look very refreshed :-) Can't wait to see your hair cut!

  3. Ana, that IS MY HAIRCUT! aaaahahaha!

    Nisara, thank you for asking about my Stepmom. She is doing much better today! Everyday is just a little better. She goes home tomorrow.