Friday, June 10, 2011

Garmin Forerunner 405

Here she is:

2011June 020

My new running companion.  I can’t wait to run with my new Garmin.  This is my first one!  I am going to wait until tomorrow morning (maybe) because I want to go to Title Boxing this morning. I think I will die if I try to do both.

I started yesterday off with egg whites and two pieces of gluten free toast:

2011June 002

Meal #2 was a yogurt bowl: Chobani Vanilla with one banana and a Godwin Bar

2011June 006

Justin and I both had eye appointments yesterday morning. I am a constant contact wearer, have horrible eye sight and never miss my annual eye appointment. Justin hasn’t been to the eye doctor since he was a little kid.  He decided he wanted an appointment because the distance he can see a street sign is getting shorter.  After seeing the doctor, he is still seeing better than 20/20!  I, on the other hand, just hope my sight hasn’t gotten any worse each time I go!  I received good news this time.  My eye sight has actually gotten better! Could it be from the change in my diet and all the good veggies and food I have been eating over the past year?  Just another reason to keep at it!  This is the first time in my life, that my eyes have gotten better and not worse or stayed the same!  *high five*

Meal #3: Salad: Green leaf lettuce, red bell pepper, broccoli, radish, two boiled eggs, green and black olives and Newman’s Own dressing. I ate a plain, toasted, gluten free English muffin on the side.

2011June 008

Then, we headed out on our hunt for the Garmin Forerunner.  I can’t believe how hard it was to find! Wednesday, we we to Dick’s and Best Buy. Yesterday, we went to Sports Authority, Target, Sports &  Medicine Store, another running/bike store and the guy from that store called another running/bike store where he new someone, no one had any!  Finally, we checked out the only other running store in our area and he had just got a shipment!!  He hadn’t even had a chance to put them out yet!

Meal #4: Protein ice cream: 1 cup almond milk, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 1 frozen banana, 1 cup frozen strawberries (and one cat getting a little too close!) That’s what I get for putting the bowl on the floor, trying to get the perfect shot!

2011June 013

It was totally yummy all by itself, but then I spotted my left over gluten free brownie from last night, so I added a little!

2011June 017

It took my ice cream to the next level!

My Mom came over after she got off work and I put her through a workout and then fixed her dinner.  Meal #5: Tilapia with a spritz of lemon and roasted green beans.  I forgot to take a picture, so here’s an oldie:

2011April 005

I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!  I can’t wait to get to Title Boxing this morning and sweat my butt off!


  1. I love new toys! My phone broke recently (it thinks I have a headset plugged in so I can't talk or hear anything on my phone, only text), and my dad, who works for Verizon, had the white iphone overnighted to me. Should be getting it today!! So ready to play with it & buy a cute case!

  2. as always your food looks scrumptious

    curious about the gluten free brownies
    store bought or home made and if home made do you have a recipe? I am seriously getting all my ducks lined in a row so to speak to be completely gluten free once I get off competition dieting...

    mmmm yummy protein ice cream! Yesterday I made come iced greek frozen yogurt and sweetened with Stevia and cardamom sooooo yummy!

  3. Liz: Have fun with that new phone!

    Nisara: That brownie came from a restaurant (Bonefish)!

  4. You make that salad look super yummy! I'm sure you posted this in the past, but how do you make the protein ice cream? It always looks so good!

  5. I have a VitaMix and I throw all the ingredients listed above in and let the blender do the work! The key is freezing the bananas and strawberries!

  6. OMG! your posts are like food porn to me right now! Yum!